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Registration Error

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  • Is your site public? We could take a look and see if it works. It may be a problem with your friends’ computers or web browsers.



    Yeah it should be public… the web address is



    Any more help anyone?????

    There are several thread to this effect, I am also hoping for a solution. I think this must be a new error from a recent change??

    There are several thread to this effect, I am also hoping for a solution. I think this must be a new error from a recent change?? I tried to create a ticket, but it say I’m not logged in and won’t let me login so…

    peachy900757: what exact user names were your friends (who couldn’t register) trying to sign up with? Just downloaded today. Neither the Registration or the Activate selections show up on the bar. I don’t know how people are supposed to register or what and Activation Code is?



    I am having the same issue and the last forum @Paul Gibbs closed it and said refer to this one, and I don’t see an answer. 100% of my users can’t register page just keeps refreshing with password fields reset. Link to site Please help


    Has anyone figured out how to fix this? I am having the same problem and have down hours of research trying to figure this out. Please let me know if you found any useful information or a direction for me to look. Thank you!



    @trsabuis help us help you. Do provide more information about your installation. To begin with:
    – WP/BP versions?
    – Single/Multisite?
    – Where are you hosted? Windows/Linux/etc server?
    – Is this a new installation or did you add BuddyPress to an existing WP install?
    – Have you changed to bp-default theme and deactivated all other plugins except BuddyPress?
    – What exactly is the error in your installation? At what point did the error show up?
    – What are the steps you’ve taken so far to troubleshoot the issue in your install?


    I’m using WP 3.4.2 and BP 1.6.1. I think they are the latest versions.
    It’s a single site.
    I’m hosted at Bluehost.
    I started the website by downloading WordPress then immediately downloading Buddypress.
    I have deactivated all other plugins except Buddypress and bbpress, and yes, I went back to the default theme.
    My registration page has been giving me problems. At first it was a blank page but I figured out how to get the registration to at least show up (the blank page was from conflicting plugins). Now I can fill in all of my information on the registration page but when I press “complete sign up,” it refreshes the page back to the registration page with all of my info still filled in except my password. No account is created. No email is sent.
    I have registration enabled and have tried registering as not just a “member” but some of the other ones. I have tried different themes, deactivating all of the plugins, and trying to find someone who knows what is wrong. I’m new to buddypress so I’m not sure what to really do.



    I have the same issue. Im hosting on justhost with a linux server and wordpress 3.5.
    Everything was just fine before the last update but now some users can’t register because it just refreshes the page. Do someone knows more specific what is the issue? I think is an issue with buddypress and some browsers.



    Any joy on this. Have same issue



    I am also having the same issue. I am served on Bluehost pro using the most current WP and BP. Registration seems to come and go randomly, I have tried deactivating EVERY plugin to no avail. I also deleted the buddypress plugin, deleted its folder, then re installed it fresh: same problem

    I can register in google chrome on my computer, but not in IE or Firefox. Other folks are reporting the same problem, including google chrome on certain devices. My new website is now at an absolute standstill because of this. I just can’t seem to remedy the situation.

    Collectif Dont Panic


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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