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[Resolved] How to block headers, footers and replace content

  • Hi

    I’m fixing the broken group chat. I need to stop the header, footer and replace the content for certain HTTP POSTs. How do I block the headers and footers from being build or replace their contents ?

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  • @mercime


    If that group chat has a template page, use “ instead of “ and at the bottom use “ instead of “

    Then create header-garyheader.php and footer-garyfooter.php and add content.

    Awesome suggestion… This will help me out immensely. Unfortunately, the author didn’t create one… I’m revisiting the design. I’m adding persistent logging for meetings.. So I’ll have to add templates

    I also found why I was seeing page headers in the chat data. It part of the fixed processing from WP’s main(). It inits, parse_request, sends header and other stuff. Since the chat plugin wasn’t last… other filters added headers junk after I was done filtering.. For some reason, wp_die() doesn’t stop main() after hooking ‘request’.. or action parse_request’, which is what I was expecting Odd..

    Your suggestion is a much better approach.

    Again thx



    Cool. Good luck with the group chat.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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