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Speed your web try and test DB-CACHE plugin fix to work with buddypress!

  • xmike


    I have fixed db-cache plugin to work with wordpress mu and buddypress.

    To try it download original version 0.6 from

    and replace file db-module.php with

    and then activate the plugin

    Changes in db-module.php file are marked with a string “//mch” (replacement of functions and variables)

    I have tested it little bit but I’m not sure if its working well.

    You can see caching stats in at the bottom of generated html page.


    <!– Generated in 2.814 seconds. Made 10 queries to database and 145 cached queries. Memory used – 31.56MB –>

    <!– Cached by DB Cache –>

    !!!Please post your experience with db-cache plugin and buddypress!!!

    Why I’m not using wp-super-cache plugin? Cause it doesn’t work well with bp-facebook connect plugin ( bp-fbconnect ).

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    tried on

    seem works ok.

    just one thing….

    it need to be enabled to works.

    how can we enabled db-cache for all other blogs?

    or, does it just works?



    ok i test it myself.

    use plugin manager to activate dbcache and it will work for all blog.

    coz it saves the settings on db-cache.ini so any changes to the settings apply to all blogs.

    you might want to chmod so that this file not writeable so that others do not change any dbcache settings.



    @Xmike, “can you submit this to the WP plugin repo so it will show up on the BuddyPress site?”


    one problem.

    (i think…) everytime someone sign up for new blog the db-cache is disabled.

    that’s bad.

    how do we force the check and always make dbcache enabled?

    i tried remove this lines from db-options.php

    /* if (!isset($config[‘enabled’]))


    $config[‘enabled’] = false;

    $cache_enabled = false;



    and leave only this line:

    $cache_enabled = true;

    but dbcache does not seems enabled.

    any idea?



    somebody please explain…

    if i already have object-cache.php

    do i still need db-cache?

    isnt both do the same thing?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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