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“This group does not have a forum setup yet.”

  • squrler


    Hey there,

    I’ve just installed BuddyPress 1.5.5, and I’m trying out the forum functions for groups. When I try to post a new topic, I get the error message “This group does not have a forum setup yet.”. I’ve tried toggling on / off the forum functionality in the settings screen, and I’ve tried adding new groups but nothing has worked. Does anyone know what to do?

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  • I have this problem as well

    Have you assigned your forums to a specific page in the settings yet?

    This could be a problem with missing rights in your filesystem.
    I guess you are using “group forums” with the shipped bbPress version, right?

    soory for my bad english
    hi guys , i have same problem ,ofcource i dont install the Groups Extras plugin or bbpress, but i can not creat new topic in any forum of my site
    the problem message is ” This group does not have a forum setup yet ”
    in the past week me and the other users of the group have not any problem.but now we have it.
    i uninstalled any plugin that i use in my site (else buddypress) but the problem still not fix.
    i change the buddypress ver 1.5.5 to 1.5.0 but still not work.
    please help us frinds.thank’s a lot



    Hi everyone!

    I have the same problem and am unable to post any new forum threads in any group forum. I get a different error message saying “There was an error saving your forum thread”. This error started occuring a couple of days ago, worked fine until then. Tried re-installing the group forums component but no luck.



    I managed to solve my problem by:

    1. Unchecking the forums component in the BuddyPress Component settings page.
    2. Renaming bb-config.php in your WordPress installation root directory to something else (making BuddyPress believe that bbPress is not installed).
    3. Re-checking the forums component in the BuddyPress Component settings page.
    4. Re-installing the group forum component in the BuddyPress Settings “Forum” tab.

    Hope this can help someone else as well, was really frustrating not being able to post anything.

    thank you Deleted User, but the problem not fix

    any hep????

    i change the database setting and deleted the budypress database tables.and reinstall buddypress 1.5.5 .but the problem stil not fix. please help.thank you. the report bug section in site is unreachable.

    why the report bug page is not working in site???
    our forums problem still not fix. please help



    == why the report bug page is not working in site ==
    You need to log-in again in trac with same username and password

    == our forums problem still not fix. please help ==
    @abbas667 start your own topic.

    When asking for support, include WP/BP versions, theme used, plugins installed, single WP or multisite, Linux/Windows hosting, WP installed in domain root or subdirectory,
    Did you go through the Installation Wizard after activating BuddyPress?
    Did you change to bp-default and deactivate other plugins?
    If you deleted bbPress forum tables in database, did you also delete bb-config.php file in root so you can re-start installation of the Group Forums?

    hi @mercime ,thanks for you’r response.yes, i tryed all this way’s and other way’s
    but the problem still not fixed.
    i changed my site theme by bp.defult theme and other theme.
    i drop the bodypress database tables for many times and instaled buudypress again and again.
    i drop the plugins database tables for many times.
    i deactivated the all plugins.
    please search this words in google and you see the results . ” This group does not have a forum setup yet ” .



    @abbas667 there are indeed some who have not succeeded in installing group forums but there have been many many more who have successfully gotten their group forums plus sitewide forums going for old and new installations.

    What we’re doing now is troubleshooting to see why it’s not working for you and how to resolve this. I can empathize with your situation and frustration, but in order to assist you, we need to know the answers to the questions I posted above – WP/BP versions, hosting, etc.

    You should also check out –

    Then, to enable forum in each group –

    @mercime,very very thank you for your answers.
    host php ver .5.5
    wordpress ver 3.2.2
    bp ver 1.5.5

    i tryed bp ver 1.2 but i have the same error.
    my site adress :

    forum address :



    @abbas667 Please clarify “wordpress ver 3.2.2” is a typo? It’s actually wordpress ver 3.3.2 ? Otherwise, that’s the major blocker.



    @Deleted User on post 7

    Solved my problem.

    I can ad that I had to disable and then enable the “Enable discussion forum” on each Group Setting logged in as Admin after following the steps in the above post.

    Thx, for an amazing plugin / maintheme for WordPress.
    Best regards, and a lot of happy thoughts from Copenhagen, Denmark.

    If anybody drops by Copenhagen, please feel free to visit our roofgardening project at Nørrebro.

    Bayu Widyasanyata


    Hi All,

    I think I found the solution and solved this problem. It was BP bug maybe?
    It actually similar what @tagtomat mention above.

    The steps are quite simple:
    1. Go to a group page as Admin
    2. Go to group Admin’s link
    3. Then “Settings” link
    4. Just click “Save Changes” button while the “Enable discussion forum” should be checked.

    It seems that previous checked status on “Enable discussion forum” field doesn’t reflect to database or configuration. Hence we should “commit” this setting to confirm and activate the discussion forum feature. I have tested this for about our 40++ new forum setting and it works! Hope it helps!


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