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“Walled Garden” mode

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  • djsteveb


    @yespapa – there have been several posts in the forums about restricting views of various pages based upon logged in / logged out. I can’t remember any of the solutions, if there were any at this moment.

    I think you need to establish first which pages will be viewable by public / not viewable unless logged in – and make sure your language is correct / thorough.

    eg – in wordpress world “pages” are like “static pages” – they end up in nav menus, not in the blog “loop” – etc.. blog posts are posts.. and in bp world stuff like profiles, groups, are kind of “pseudo pages” – which are not easy to hide with standard user role / permission plugins like “press permit core” – and I’m not sure if s2member has started to be able to lockdown bp’s psuedo pages..

    there are some details posted by others in the other threads that have alredy discussed this kind of thing.



    @djsteveb I know this solutions. I am just telling that included this function in the box would be great.

    If BuddyPress want to also be a Entreprise Social Network solution, I am thinking this feature has to be included. Other ESNs provide it.


    Paul Bursnall


    @yespapa This plugin will do exactly what you’re looking for –



    Thank you. I have a look at it.



    I agree that this should be a function in buddypress core. A standard checkbox to make a site private. If selected, a standard set of pages are automatically added as viewable by logged out/unregistered users (about us, privacy policy, terms of service, etc.), and able to be unchecked by the admin as necessary.

    You know what, while we’re at it, Theme My Login plugin functionality should be added to core as well. The ability to customize the login for branding, and customizing the registration page; eg. viewable/required fields, to make it more site specific should be included as well.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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