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Who would be with me for proposing a BuddyPress Stack Exchange?

  • lordmatt


    I’m a huge fan (in general) of Stack Overflow (the web’s best developer QnA site). I am also a huge fan of BuddyPress too. This is why it is sad to me that BuddyPress is an off-topic tag in the WordPress Development SE QnA site.
    I am happy to propose a dedicated BuddyPress QnA on stack exchange but only if some other people are willing to say that they would up for using it.

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  • shanebp


    Yes, stack is great.
    While it would be nice to avoid all the spam on these forums, who would answer questions on a BP stack?

    There are unofficial Facebook groups for BuddyPress and BuddyBoss.
    Participation in the former is scant, while the latter is booming.



    I’m a huge nerd who uses BuddyPress. I don’t know everything but I would be on hand to answer questions. I’m a long time stack user. Back in the day when I worked for other people, I used SO all the time.

    I’ve also run this idea past the Meta for WordPress SE (where BuddyPress is off-topic)

    Hi there,

    Although, I understand the frustration behind this need to find a new place to discuss about BuddyPress, I’m wondering if we could find ways to improve BuddyPress support forums to match everyone needs and have :

    – A place to discuss about using BuddyPress
    – A place to discuss about extending BuddyPress
    – A place to discuss about designing for BuddyPress

    If you have ideas and want to contribute about this subject, I’m totally in favor of having a specific & regular 1 hour chat into the BuddyPress slack channel.



    What would really help me would some way I can search out answers in the form “what do I need to hook or filter to do X?” I’ve found myself going to SO a lot with things I am stuck on.

    For me, BuddyPress is a giant black box of mystery.

    One suggestion I can make about this forum would be to get a few moderators tasked with “X not working” posts into one board as those crop up everywhere at the moment.



    Another suggestion would be to expand the codex and include all the hooks and filters so that we code happy types can actually look stuff up. There is this, but at best it seems woefully incomplete. We’re on 7.2.0 and the top entry on that page leads to a PDF for 2.8.2’s hooks.

    Getting the boards back on-topic would be a huge help too. Take this third-party plugins post as an example. Surely that belongs in Requests & Feedback?

    An FAQ that the moderators and active helpers on the forum can point answers to would enable more people to give helpful answers to other users. If said power users can also contribute to the FAQ too, that could really expand the site’s usefulness.



    A BuddyPress Stack Exchange sounds like a great idea.



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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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