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Why the rudeness?

  • alraj101


    After having sifted through some topics related to my kind of problem i just made a reply only wishing there was some one else in the same boat.
    I understand the nature of theme specific support and was polite only to get a rude reply from one of the mods. I have a cut and paste here, the last phrase by danbp was unwarranted and rude.
    Here ia the last few lines in the reply:

    So please take contact with the author.

    You can also search the forum. I am certain that you can figure this out in a sec. Too.

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  • JJNW


    I don’t know if that is rude. Are you sure you aren’t being sensitive, maybe amplified, because you are upset with your problem? I tried to look your issue, but you must have deleted it.



    @alraj101 Sorry that you feel that way, I’m certain that it was not meant to be rude. Please know that we’re all volunteers who come from different countries and have different ways of expressing ourselves, thanks for your patience.

    As per responses by danbp and another in the thread about Divi support, I recall that Divi is not compatible with BP per previous topics posted in the BP forums. So at this point, I’d reiterate the replies of the other volunteers to contact the premium theme author as we have no access to that theme or, hire a developer to ID the issue and/or make the theme compatible with BP.



    I am grateful for all the contributions and the time you spend helping us users.

    Ben Hansen


    yeah just looks like miscommunication to me as well, for what its worth.



    No worry: unwarranted and rude Yesssss, i’m a rough boy! 😀

    When asking for support.
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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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