One of the great things about running your own website is that you get to set the course it will take. We’re aware of the upcoming changes that were announced today on the Ning developer site, and we wanted provide some useful resources to help existing Ning users looking to transition to a new platform.

First is the Ning to BuddyPress Blog, currently operated by yours truly. It’s meant to be a raw and simple collection of tools and links to anything relating to easing the transition. It’ll be updated frequently over the next couple of weeks to provide the most up-to-the-minute resources.

Second, Boone B. Gorges has built a Ning to WordPress/BuddyPress user importer, which is a great start at getting some of your data moved over.

Third are our support forums. We have a bunch of really awesome people that are all willing to help should you have any questions or issues.

Lastly, we have our Codex. If you’re not familiar with the word Codex, think of it like a FAQ on steroids. There you’ll find everything from installation steps to higher level techie stuff including how to extend BuddyPress and build your own unique feature set.

Please feel free to ask any short questions in the comments, we’ll do our best to answer common queries.