For those of you who spend a bit of time interacting in the BuddyPress community, Marshall (MrMaz) will need no introduction.

Marshall is the developer of the BuddyPress Links plugin that adds rich media sharing to your BuddyPress install. If you’ve used it you’ll know it’s one of the most tightly integrated plugins available, interacting with the core BuddyPress components as though it’s actually one itself. He’s done a fantastic job and that’s one of the main reasons he’s now coming on board as the newest core BuddyPress developer.

Marshall will be focusing specifically on developing the BuddyPress API and making it easier for developers to seamlessly and efficiently integrate their plugins into the BuddyPress experience. He’ll be working his API wizardry for version 1.4 and onwards. In the meantime to ease himself in he’ll be helping JJJ and I out with outstanding tickets and patches for version 1.3.

Welcome aboard Marshall! We’re really looking forward to what you can do to continue to make BuddyPress one of the best social platforms around.