BuddyPress 2.3.0 Beta 1 is available for testing. Please download the 2.3.0-beta1 zip or get a copy via our Subversion repository. If you are a plugin or theme developer, or are running a BuddyPress powered site with a development environment available, we’d love to have your help with testing.

A detailed changelog will be part of our official release notes, but until then, here’s a rundown of some of our favorite changes. (Check out this report on Trac for a more detailed view.)

  • The new Attachments API will allow developers to more easily manage user-generated media, and is the long-awaited foundation for media-related BuddyPress components and features.
  • Core Theme Companion Styling improves BuddyPress’s integration with the latest two bundled WordPress core themes, Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen.
  • The Avatar Upload UI has been completely revamped, with drag-and-drop upload, improved mobile support, & integration with phone/laptop cameras.
  • Blog Post Activity generates better looking excerpts when posts contain images or other embedded media content.
  • Star Private Messages allows for improved marking of important inbox messages.
  • The Member Types API now supports member-type-specific directories.
  • Continued object & query cache enhancements.
  • Tons of under-the-hood improvements.
  • Continued coverage of inline code documentation, actions, & filters.

2.3.0 is almost ready, but please do not run it in a production environment just yet. Let us know of any issues you find in the support forums and/or on our development tracker.

Thanks everyone for all your help, and we are excited to release BuddyPress 2.3.0 in early June!