BuddyPress 2.6 “Espejo” is now available for download from the WordPress.org plugin repository, or right from your WordPress Dashboard. “Espejo” includes new features for your community members, new APIs and other fun for developers, and improved performance.


Embed activities into your WordPress posts or pages.

Copy the permalink URL of the activity of your choice, paste it into the content editor of your WordPress post or page, and voilà!, you’ve embedded an activity update. This is a great way to feature interesting activities shared by your community members into your regular WordPress content! Read more about this feature and see it in action.


A member custom front page using widgets.

Custom Front Page for Member Profile

Theme developers or site owners can create custom front pages for their community’s members by adding a front.php template to their template overrides. A specific template hierarchy is also available to make them even more unique. Read all about this new feature.


Group types metabox in Groups admin page.

Group Types API

Different types of groups can be registered to enable a strict separation between them. This new feature is available to plugin developers starting with BuddyPress 2.6. Learn how to set up Group Types.


Easily manage navigation items.

New Navigation API

The member and group navigation system has been totally rewritten, making it easier than ever to customize BuddyPress nav items. Read the informative commit message.


Styled BuddyPress components in Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten

Stylesheets for Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten

BuddyPress feels right at home now in the classic default themes, Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.


Under the Hood

Performance Enhancements

Class autoloading reduces the memory needed to run BuddyPress on your server. Improved caching strategies for group membership statuses mean fewer round trips to your overworked database server.

Localization Improvements

Improved localization strings and comments help translators do their much-appreciated work: making BuddyPress available in many languages.

Notifications Updates

Adjustments to the notifications component allow members to receive timely and relevant updates about activity in your community.

Accessibility Upgrades

Continued improvements help make BuddyPress’ admin area and theme-side screens more enjoyable to use for wider audiences on more devices.

Developer Reference

Regular updates to inline code documentation make it easier for developers to understand how BuddyPress works.



Thank you to all of our multilingual friends who make BuddyPress available in a bouquet of languages. These languages have 95% complete translations (or better!): English (Canada), English (New Zealand), French (France), Italian, English (Australia), Russian, Dutch, Romanian, Swedish, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, Welsh, German, Norwegian (Bokmål). Many more are nearly complete; we could use your help!


…and much more!

Read about all the bug fixes and feature enhancements introduced in BuddyPress 2.6.0 at our official 2.6.0 changelog.


Thank You to Our Contributors

Many, many thanks to all those who contributed during this development cycle. This is a volunteer-run project, and these contributors freely gave of their time and expertise to make BuddyPress better than ever:
abweb, Boone B Gorges (boonebgorges), Brandon Allen (thebrandonallen), chherbst, danbrellis, David Cavins (dcavins), Dennis (wpdennis), emrikol, Fee (wdfee), Garrett Hyder (garrett-eclipse), Gary Pendergast (pento), George Mamadashvili (Mamaduka), Henry Wright (henry.wright), Hugo (hnla), John James Jacoby (johnjamesjacoby), Klaus (kmbdeamorg), OC2PS (sooskriszta), lakrisgubben, Laurens Offereins (Offereins), mahadri, Mathieu Viet (imath), mercime, Michael Beckwith (tw2113), mmcachran, modemlooper, Nick Momrik (nickmomrik), OakCreative, oksankaa, Paul Gibbs (DJPaul), Rami Yushuvaev (ramiy), r-a-y, rekmla, r0z, Sergey Biryukov (SergeyBiryukov), singhleo, Slava UA (slaffik), Stephen Edgar (netweb), tharsheblows, VibeThemes, vortfu, WeddyWood, w3dzign.



The front façade of the fabulous Pizza & Subs restaurant in Rock Island, Illinois.BuddyPress 2.6.0 Espejo (pronounced es-PEH-ho) is named after the owners of the descriptively named “Pizza & Subs” restaurant in Rock Island, Illinois.  The Espejo family has been dishing up amazing local pizza and calzone creations since 1987. At Pizza & Subs, everything from the beehive of activity behind the counter to the Espejo family photos hanging alongside high school basketball posters on the walls, says established, local, and community-oriented. Area expats have been known to smuggle these pizzas home in their suitcases—they’re that good! You can try a classic like the sausage or garden pizza, or try a Quad-Cities original: a taco calzone or pizza. Unless you’re from the Quad Cities, you’ve probably never had a pizza like this!


Time to Go Get 2.6!

Grab BuddyPress 2.6 Espejo from the wordpress.org plugin repository, or right from your WordPress Dashboard.
Questions, comments, feature requests, or bug reports? Please use our support forums or our development tracker.