Dear end users & site owners,

Please note BP Classic 1.3.0 is now available for upgrade/download. 1.3.0 is a maintenance release of the BuddyPress backwards compatibility Add-on helping you to stay classic so that you can carry on:

  • enjoying 3rd party BP plugins / themes that are not ready yet for the modern BuddyPress (12.0.0 & up);
  • and / or using the deprecated BuddyPress Legacy widgets;
  • and / or using the deprecated BP Default theme.

What about 1.3.0 changes?

4 issues have been fixed:

  • Switch to BP root blog when migrating directories if necessary (See #33).
  • Make sure BP Tooltips are used in Legacy widgets (See #35 & #39).
  • Use a npm script to get BP Default (See #37).
  • Improve how we check BP Nouveau is the current BP Template Pack in use (See #41)

Please upgrade!