Immediately available is BuddyPress 12.3.0. This maintenance release fixes 7 bugs. The most serious one was happening when a community member requested an email address change from her/his front-end profile: the link to verify the request validity was not generated the right way. This bug is only concerning versions 12.0.0 to 12.2.0. It was reported 12 hours ago and we decided to quickly build this maintenance release to fix it as soon as possible.

For details on all changes, please read the 12.3.0 release notes.

Update to BuddyPress 12.3.0 today in your WordPress Dashboard, or by downloading it from the plugin repository.

Many thanks to 12.3.0 contributors 

yagniksangani, johnjamesjacoby, r-a-y, vapvarun, testovacemaralive & imath.