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  • @sidjags, no I never figured out how to favorite comments. And the buddypress support was so horrible, and the plug-in was so resource-heavy, that I actually deleted it. Good luck.

    @r-a-y you’re a freaking genius.
    I’ll send you a little paypal love when I get to work tomorrow. Look for it then.
    Thank you man!

    @r-a-y — the gravatar is being pulled in on my bbpress profile page, but not int the actual posts themselves. This is occurring only for people who strictly have gravatars.

    (And yes, I’m using the exact same email address for wordpress, gravatar, and bbpress.)

    @r-a-y yes, I did… when I uncheck that, none show up at all.

    @r-a-y yes, I read that. I’m not talking about the default avatar. That is showing up fine. I’m saying nothing at all is showing up for people who ONLY have an avatar uploaded via, like me

    Here’s the forum in question:

    I, and a few other users, only have a photo uploaded via gravatar, and our photos are not showing up. It’s not even displaying the default avatar.

    Is it possible to do this without deep integration? My server is incredibly low on memory as it is, and I fear a deep integration would just bring it to its knees.

    That’s great, @r-a-y! bbPress is now pulling in avatars for people who uploaded images through Buddypress.

    However, it is NOT pulling in images for people who only have a photo at Gravatar… and not one uploaded through Buddypress.

    Any way to tweak that?

    @r-a-y — any help you could give me would be tremendous. I’ve been at it for days and am about to crack!
    Writing functions is way out of my league, but if you’d be kind enough as to help, there’s beer money in it for you! :)

    is it possible to show buddypress avatars on bbpress WITHOUT deep integration? i have a high traffic site, and i’m already low on memory!

    If anyone has a plugin for this, I’d love to know about it! Right now, Buddypress feels very disjointed from the blog itself ( – and the ability to “favorite” comments from other members, and specific blog posts, would really help bring it all together.

    rich!@etiviti – So does that mean it’s not possible? A user can’t “favorite” blog comments or blog posts?

    Thanks….. I just found one tiny extra letter in the stupid code.
    Appreciate the help.

    I’ve actually checked every single buddypress template file I have, and can not find it anywhere. Do I have to modify the core?

    This is the page I’m talking about… anyone have a clue?

    lol. Yes, Ray. We did. If the passwords don’t match, we do get the message that they don’t match. It’s incredibly unusual.

    Correct. We can not get past the registration page. I find it incredibly odd that you can, and the 10 of us can not. I’ve cleared the cache, but that doesn’t matter because I have tried from multiple computers. I also have friends trying from multiple states in the USA. I’ve also tried from my iPhone. Not one of us can get past the initial registration page because it refreshes itself.

    I just did a fresh install of Buddypress up on another WordPress blog that is running 2.9.1 and we are having the exact same problem.

    Can anyone shed any light on this odd behavior?

    Ray, I understand that. But when we are all trying it, the email is not even getting sent and there’s no account to activate, because it’s not getting created. When you hit “complete sign up” the same registration page just refreshes itself.

    Again, I know it’s not just my computer because I’ve had friends try it as well – with the same problem.


    I’ve tried on two of my machines, using both the latest versions of Firefox and Explorer. When I click the “complete sign up” button, absolutely nothing happens. The page refreshes itself, and the info I previously typed in is gone.

    I also had a few friends try it, and it didn’t work for them either. I’d love to know what you did to make it work.

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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