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  • Ehi @rbbp22, thank you so much for your work on this.

    Well, I’ve tried your solution, but the only thing I get is view the avatar changed after the cropping process (on the registration).

    When my user is going to load his profile after the login, the avatar will not displayed (there’ll be the default one).

    Seems something wrong in the ‘save’ process.

    As I wrote, I found several bugs running wp 3.2.1 & BP 1.2.8, so before keep it on BP1.2.8, check your WP system.

    In my installation a lot of ajax was broken (ie: new post->Publish->change publishing date descending effect) so I’ve re-installed BP1.2.9 and I’m searching for a solution.

    well…but I’ve found several bugs using wp 3.2.1 & BP 1.2.8, so I’ve upgraded to 1.2.9 and the problem (no avatar upload in registration) still here.

    So, a quick overview:

    wp 3.2.1 + BP 1.2.8 = it works
    wp 3.2.1 + BP 1.2.9 = not working

    so…not a problem about folder permission…

    wow, just tested: downgrading from bp 1.2.9 to bp 1.2.8…. it works!

    @enderandrew, of course. are 755 for each folder. I’ve tried to switch to 777, no way.

    I think it’s not a problem about dir premission: uploading avatars through profile->change avatar (instead last step on registration process) it works like a charm.

    @lifemore, could you share your configuration?

    Same identical situation:

    * WP 3.2.1
    * BP 1.2.9

    During registration, Users try to upload image. They crop it, system shows successiful message, but displays mistery man (standard avatar) (no file are uploaded in /avatars)

    If this user log in, goes to his profile and changes avatar through the profile settings panel, it works like a charm.

    Anyone with a solution?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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