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  • i know some guys do not like codecanyon and the likes, but here is a guess on what you did not search yet:

    no, because these are not the same url AND they do not display the same content…

    google is aware of the content variations, it does not care about what humans see… 🙂

    search for “membership” in the plugins… 🙂

    right now, all your requests are “in” buddypress… example:

    1- there are some paid chat scripts that do everything autonomous… but you need to know that chats are stored texts, same as email etc… and the feed even in ajax take a lot of server power… you need to contact a webHost that would offer you a good deal on large scale hosting if you have a lot of clients.

    2- integrated to Buddypress

    3- some buddypress plugins offer more flexibility added to existing features, like membership, access to personal data, etc… just do a search.

    4- if you see in my profile, you will see my personal timeline

    5- you need wp-login.php to be /login… use in admincp: /options/permalinks and change the default setting to anyother, and you will have these…

    where is the “like” button here?

    yeap, the bug occurs in the exact same process…


    is Site Tracking checking all users activity ?!… it would make the query go crazy if more than X users… as on the install process, it calls all the logs to create the first pitch of  Site Tracking…

    exactly, Paul… after clicking Activate Plugin, there is a ~15sec wait before it refresh the page to go to the setup page, and it dies… and keep being dead until i deactivate BP.


    but i found how to handle it in the last minutes… my dB was 3 months old, so i decided to use the WP/BBP/BP versions of that period and upgrade step by step… it did it.  with WP 3.5.1, and BP 1.6.1, i was able to load the pages, and then i upgraded BP to 1.7, and no bug… upgraded WP to 3.6b1 and still no bug.


    that is where there “may” be something to consider for others… i can debug myself, not everybody can.


    the site is not in production, the 15000 members is just the count of users in the database.

    the WP/BBP/BP setup is a clean install from today’s releases, and there is no other plugin installed.

    and i’ll wait for one of the core developers’ opinion, thanks Hugo…


    i did some fair checks, clean install with the exact same configs etc, and there is no wrong situation with a clean install.

    i’m on a Hostgator shared plan, with 256M Ram with 42M used for my WP, and the Cpu is at 0.06%


    there is no error log generated in the process i mention, even with everything set inside PHP to display_errors etc… so it’s an inbetween problem.


    So it’s clearly when Buddypress is trying to allocate its memory to set up something i have no idea of what, and it occurs only with my 15000+ members in…

    that’s what i said, Hugo, there is no error log…. or i would’ve find the problem at first… 🙂


    i’ll have to activate the debug in WP and other reports to see if something comes from that.

    rofl, John James, i think you just didn’t see where i was going with that title… lol

    i coded a plugin to drop the BP adminbar and integrate all these elements to the default WP adminbar instead, for consistancy… and as the constant in the title is related to nothing, i was asking first if it was possible to add a action just below it in the adminbar script so we can activate that kind of plugin…

    anyway, i had my answer later… :)

    and the release of the plugin is coming, i’m just not doing it in the trac as i hate these systems, but that’s personal. lol

    oh, sorry John James, what i was asking is “why did you post that element in this thread, as it does not seems to do what i am posting about…”… but that’s no problem… rofl

    best option is to export that specific blog and install it anew outside your network…

    ok, so what is the relation between the plugin i just provide and your comment, @johnjamesjacoby ??

    yeah, sorry @Bowe , didn’t answer first…
    actually, the plugin i created is inserting menu elements, not editing any existing one… i’ll see if i can handle it.

    btw, as i’m working on a tool right now that integrate the Buddypress Adminbar inside the official WordPress Adminbar, here is the setting i added when thinking of you:


    to eliminate this issue, yes, this will.

    but do a new install on your own, never use the automatic installer of any company if you plan on changing details in the configurations.

    right now, the main problem is not the system itself, but the extensions that are loaded in the background… they are hardcoded and you have no control over them.

    always… but we’re not in the right place to discuss that… rofl

    so you have a multisite and want to disable the buddypress bar on specific blog_id ??

    possible on a custom job… see me for that!

    donations… am i supposed to have ticked that somewhere?… rofl

    … but i’m more into big salary with a stable contract… rofl

    hum, don’t know what to say, it works on my clean install… rofl… and it’s a basic function…

    hum… doh.. rofl… edited

    and here, Boone, if you want to play with it:

    … it’s not a trac, i will update the archive when the menu for the options and the widget are written.. :)


    a small detail has to be fixed when displaying a span into the dropdown *(see, “Blogs” has its count (2) below, making the next line crappy… ) this is WP css to be fixed

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 260 total)
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