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  • Thanks for your fast answer Xevo.

    Will that later on give me the same possibilities (integrating with groups for example, should I want that at some point in the future)?

    nexia > Do you think the merge is that close? I really hope so. Have heard about the merge, but didn’t realise it would solve this for me in the process. Thanks for pointing it out;-)

    Chouf1 > WordPress MU and WordPress differs quite a lot. The user management is different for one thing.

    Yes, I really really hope for an update that will show the images in the activity stream…

    Bumping this one… BUMP;-)

    Using versions BP 1.1.1 and bpPicture 1.1 I don’t see photos in the activity stream. Manoj, are you working on that addition, and if when will you release it?

    Have a nice weekend.

    Thanks! Shockingly confusing to find BuddyPress plugins… It dawns on me that is the place to look, and not here:

    That should be cleared up somehow. Personally I wish BuddyPress plugins would only be posted here on, so there is one centrl place to look.

    Anyway, muchos gracias David;-)

    Nothing related to this in Apace, SQL, PHP logs. If I reproduce the problem, then nothing new turns up in those logs…

    I have tried emptying the file of code, and then the site loads. So it must be related to the code that’s in the BuddyPress standard theme.

    Okay I get it now;-) Thanks Jeff. Have a nice weekend.

    Hmm, okay, thanks guys!

    So the site is redundant?

    I have the same problem. Will this fix be included in the next version of the FB-Connect plugin?

    If I apply this fix it will get overwritten the next time I update the plugin, which is not good, since I tend to forget I’ve done hacks and thus almost never do hacks;-)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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