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  • Apparently, you’re guide isn’t made for BuddyPress. I may be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure just about every person who has used Page Cache with BuddyPress had to disable it.

    Is this some kind of secret feature we’re not allowed to talk about or something?

    Anybody? :(

    I know this post is 5 months old, but Famous asks a good question. What search is using and how can we get it?

    Ok, I see what’s different now. Thanks for the help!

    I added exactly what you posted into my bp-custom file. It only displays for logged in users though. My bar will still display for logged out users, but not the custom message.

    Yea, still not working right for me. I can get it to display, but it only displays the message for logged in users. Anyone logged out it just has the normal login/sign up links.

    Sorry, I didn’t respond earlier, but I’ve been out of the country.
    @mercime thanks for the help, but I’m apparently being very dumb.
    Could you possibly throw in an example alternate code? Anything really, doesn’t matter. Everything I try I get:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' and similar.

    Sorry, I guess I didn’t make my request clear. Sometimes what I say makes sense to me, but nobody else lol.
    I want to add a message to the admin bar that says “Hey, login with:” and has small icons for facebook and twitter, etc linked to /wp-login.php
    So editing the labels/etc wouldn’t benefit me in this case. Thanks for the help so far though.

    I know how to enable registrations. That’s not my question. I want to put my own message on the bar.

    Anyone got some input on this?

    Get more administrators, and install the BP Moderation plugin. Make a big announcement to all members letting them know there is a new report feature(from the BP Moderation plugin) and you would greatly appreciate it if they would use it to report prohibited content.

    @bowromir How’d the guide come along?

    Well, thanks for the info. Really wish I chose a better sub directory lol.

    It was W3 Total Cache. I don’t know what settings made it just crap all over my site, but I’m done with it.

    ok wow, now some of the recent topics on /forums page don’t show a group. As if they were posted in no group.
    This isn’t possible, as I know what groups they are in and can locate them by manually going to the forum.

    Also, the forum listing below the recent topics( /forum page) are linked correctly. If I go into the forum like that, it works fine, and I can get to the topic no problem.
    It seems like it’s just a problem with the latest topics that’s located above the forum index on the /forums page.

    Anyone got anything?

    @bowromir did this tutorial ever get finished? I’m holding off releasing my site until I get a good working cache configured.

    I’ve tried it on my live site and can’t get it working. I just gave up on it.

    Wow, I should have noticed that. Thanks.

    Try this:

    After a very small amount of Googling, I couldn’t find any pure CSS methods.

    Does anyone even browse the BP forums? Even if you don’t have a 100% fix, any kind of response would be nice.

    Right now I’m trying to use the Google Custom Search, but I’m having some issues. First of which is it searches the sidebar on every page. If I search for a tag that is listed in a tag cloud on the sidebar, I get a ton of BS results. Any way to make my sidebar unsearchable?

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 26 total)
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