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  • yocalif


    my response is based on I’m a complete noob, lots of people had read the post which asking a simple question and I would guess 75% view could have taken the time to answer. There is no way to build a responsive support community if only 2 or 3 people are answering all the questions. I have a some experience with phpbb3 and a little with SMF& Joomla, the questions at those support sites usually get answered quickly. Hard questions could take days.
    The main point it is blessed are those who give, not just receive.



    Group and Forum need sub groups.
    Sports group and the resulting sports forum
    sub groups baseball, football, soccer
    – Sports

    Either the Forum sub category is created automatically when sub group is created or an option to manually do it.



    drclohite, I have had your same issues, and have read the same posts on multiple bp forums.
    Adding some of the BP forum plugins helps but not much. Funny I’m a total wp/bp noob and I’m going to try and help another lost bp soul.
    It appears Forums are dependent on Groups, so you have to first create group.
    • Using the default BP theme, click on Groups under the search thing.
    • It says “Groups Directory” click on “Create A Group”
    • Give the Group a name and description, and click “Create Group and Continue”
    • Default is “Public Group” thats fine for now, click “Next Step”
    • If you have an avatar for the group upload it otherwise click “Next Step”
    • Now click “Finish”
    • If you post something in that comment box after clicking finish, I don’t know but it doesn’t appear in the forum, it will only appear in the activity for group 4
    • Go to Forums, click create new topic, there is a pull down selection for groups, select the group you just created. and post.
    Click on the Forum Tab again, and you will see your post listed. Unlike the BP Support forum which gives you a choice of “show latest post, or “By Group” (that must be a plug in). You will see the column with the group name, click on the group name and you there is your “new post” page.

    Hope that helps…..

    6.5 hours and no one offered to help this guy. Amazing….



    Well I would like to but the theme preview doesn’t work, like the member avatar doesn’t work, and should I go on and on.



    I had read there may be some issues with the plugin that interfer with some aspects of operating the site, not sure its been a few days. I happened across this simple way of tackling the problem, it took all of 5 minutes to do, and has worked so far. I now have a bp test site setup, so I can test the plug in.

    So I really appreciate the negative feed back, it was just a simple sharing of another way to tackle the problem



    The source..

    How To Set Up A WordPress “Under Construction” Environment

    The following technique works with WordPress installed on your production server and shows everyone a “Under Construction/Under Maintenance” page while you and only you can see the site as if it were live.

    Rename index.php

    Open up the root folder of your WordPress installation and locate the index.php file. Rename this file to index_wp.php. Don’t worry, we’ll be loading this file later.

    Create a new index.php file

    Fire up your favorite code editor and create a new file called index.php and save it on the root folder of your WordPress installation.

    Paste the following code, besure and save the file, now upload the new index.php to your server.

    Click Image to copy code text.

    I still can’t figure out how to post code, tried "code tags", "pre tags", "text area tag in form", would appreciate some help on this that works.

    Another place you can copy the code.

    Open your site

    If you have correctly performed the previous steps you should have a WordPress installation with a custom index.php file and a index_wp.php file, both on your root installation folder. Open up your home URL and you should see your “Under Construction” page. Whoo Hoo! now everyone is seeing this page. But now we need to continue development or perhaps show our clients the current progress on their site. Head on to your browser’s address bar and type this after your home URL.


    A fully functioning WordPress installation visible only to you during the complete length of your session. No redirects, no rerouting, no separate development and production folders. The code starts the session engine and looks for two variables sent as GET. The first variable is ‘uc’ (short for Under Construction). If this variable is set with any value then the var ‘pwd’ is checked to see if it matches the hard coded password. If these conditions are met a session variable is set to include the index_wp.php during the complete length of that session. If the conditions don’t match then the current session is forwarded to the “Under Construction/Under Maintenace” page and the WordPress installation never gets loaded.

    Set your own password

    On line 06 in the new index.php change "123456" to set a your own password.   i.e. "00cz942ab".

    Besure to upload and replace the initial "under construction" index.php, with your new password version.

    To end the development session type:   /?stop=true

    The development session will be closed and you’ll be back on the “Under Construction” page.

    Redeploy or Open your website for users

    simply rename the new index.php file to index_uc.php and then rename the index_wp.php file to index.php. If you ever need to set your website in a “Under Construction/Under Maintenace” state, simply rename the files and your done!

    Hopefully you find this Under Construction hack useful, it was created by: Juan Camilo Estela



    I don’t know why I didn’t just try to use the html tag, I read your link and it shows an open expression

    maybe that is why the image is representative of me…….

    • As for trying to setup an avatar on, after selecting my avatar pic and clicking on upload, I get a blank page. yesterday and before I would get an error message. I have tried setting up the same avatar on my BP test site and it works fine, after upload the crop image thing loads and the image saves as an avatar fine.



    Thanks for making the effort.
    About login and arriving at profile. The fact that this is and that is the way it is set is a poor example. The site owners should take a little pride in trying to get the site to operate normally.

    Avatar, I have tried both avatars and reg. pics as in .jpg or .jpeg both don’t work. Is there a certain size ?x? or file name extension? pita? What is that?

    As a person who really likes forums like phpBB3 or VB or SMF, honestly to call bbpress as offered thru buddypresss a forum is like calling a push cart a car. Posts may be displayed, but that is about it, there is no built in editor, none of the common features associated with forums either for the user or for the bp admin, and I know most agree. Yes plugins can extend the functionality, however is that really the route to go? Everytime there is a BP update who insures that the features and function a plugin provides will still work. Having a site built on 50 plugins has to be a nightmare when either a version patch or major update is released.

    Ok the test bed is the answer, and backups. With other sites that I have (using other software not BP, I usually do a sql dump and backup all the files that are changed. I have been installing plugins through the admin plugin wizard, so I quess I need backup all the site files or download the plugin files and then backup the common files to the site.

    sorry for whining, I know in a couple of weeks much will seem normal, but there is a lot of head scratching with BP.

    Just noticed the image !

    giving it a try
    img src=”” hmmmm

    LPH2005 how did you get the image to work, and to get the url to show as a link?



    intimez thanks again, I did find the WP ver #, I will check the plugin in BP.



    Thanks for the input, “intimez”. I didn’t d/L either BP or WPMU, I signed up for TMDhosting and they installed it no extra charge… So will download and check out the recommendations…

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