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Avatar Upload Issues

  • John James Jacoby


    There are numerous tickets in the trac and topics in the forums popping up. It seems lots of users are having issues uploading avatars with 1.1.2.

    I’ve tested this on two different environments with subdomains and subdirectory installs and cannot duplicate the problem myself. However, we’re aware that it’s an issue and will keep trying to resolve it.

    In the meantime, please route your avatar upload related discussion here. It will help us better monitor everyone’s experiences. Other topics regarding this issue will be locked and linked to this topic until it is resolved.

    Thanks everyone for being awesome and patient and understanding. :thumbup:

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  • jwhitehurst


    I am having the same problem as nuprn1. no slash at the beginning. Now I’m building off of a single WP installation (not WPMU) as 1.2 (trunk) is supposed to support this.

    i added a note to this ticket:

    basically i found a few inconsistencies with file paths in the group section – also bp-groups-templatetags.php had a bunch of wrong file paths (double // in group urls) – the image path being sent to process did not contain the fullpath to the file – it would be just wp-content/uploads/etc instead of /home/user/domain/wp-content/uploads/etc)

    the image width check was failing (on bp-core-avatars.php)

    if ( getimagesize( $bp->avatar_admin->original['file'] ) > BP_AVATAR_ORIGINAL_MAX_WIDTH )


    list($width, $height) = getimagesize( $bp->avatar_admin->originalfile? );
    if ( $width > BP_AVATAR_ORIGINAL_MAX_WIDTH )

    wp_crop_image ignores gif/png and saves everything as jpg (killing transparency – though to note the jquery cropper script does not support transparency during the UI selection)

    John James Jacoby


    Unsticky-ing this from the front page. This should start to go away with 1.2.





    So I was having the problem with this on the single blog version of wordpress but not the multi user version on the same server. Then on the same server I created a brand new install of wordpress and buddypress and got it working there. I eventually found that the upload path that worked had /var/www/vhosts/url/httpdocs/wp-content/uploads but the one that did not work had just wp-content/uploads. once i changed this everything worked.

    Hmmmm – sorry to pick that up again… it is strange… I am running on trunk r2638 and when a user uploads a new avatar it just seems to mess things up… The small avatars show the just uploaded image, but the bigger (for updates and in the profile) stay on the old one from earlier BP-Versions).

    Can anyone help me with that strange issue???? Why is that? Any solutions?



    I’ve had the same problem as Diesel on all 1.2 release candidates. Furthermore, it also occurs in the case of the custom header…even though the images are actually uploaded and in the folders.


    As a newbie i first want to thank the community for buddypress – I hope I will get everything to work properly.

    I cannot get images to work on my site

    When trying to upload an avatar to a profile i get to a page where i can crop. The image is not visible, so unfortunately I cannot crop. Standard avatars work fine.

    Also it does not collect Gravatar.

    When inserting an image to a blogpost, i cannot get to show the image. The image is uploaded, but not shown.

    I hope some friendly person can assist me?

    Best regards


    I also have the same problem like member oldenburg.

    Uploaded avatar url is

    Path “wp-content” somewhere dissapear and image is not showing.

    I also can’t show image in post. The image is uploaded, but not showing.

    Please help.

    Now my uploaded image is showing. The problem was blogs.php file in wp-content. It was dissapeared in upgrade process. I uploaded it again and all avatars and blogs working fine



    I am having the same problem. Just uploaded BP 1.2.1 and when I upload an avatar it does not appear.



    I should also add that I see the images in the folder on the server, they just don’t appear on the site. I’ve tried various sizes and nothing works.



    I’m not seeing these blogs.php or blog.dir files i’ve seen spoken of so I am assuming they are for WPMU only ?

    I am running WP 2.85 and the upload url is /htdocs/wp-content/uploads/avatars/1

    As i’ve said before, the pics are in the album, they just don’t show up on the site. Permissions are set at 777 like it was suggested early.



    mine is holding on to the full address of the user and keep int the wp-content/ in the address:



    My avatars are showing up, but the alignment is all vertical on the sidebar with no spacing . What I would love is an avatar block to show up. I’m also having the spacing issues (or lack of spacing) in my Members page.

    I’m using the BuddyPress Template plugin on BuddyPress 1.2.1 for WordPress single user 2.9.2. This site is a test site for a client project and it’s pretty much the last hurdle. The website is

    I appreciate all the help! This forum is amazing.



    Hey JJJ;

    I would like to reiterate that @etiviti (rich!) posted a potential solution earlier, but I can’t figure out how/where to implement it in the bp core files.

    I am having the same problem that the avatar image is not being displayed, but when checking the code, (and using firebug) it is clear there is a simple ‘/’ missing from the image url path:


    <h5>Crop Your New Avatar</h5>

    <img id="avatar-to-crop" class="avatar" alt="Avatar to crop" src="wp-content/uploads/avatars/1/paul23.jpg"/>

    <div id="avatar-crop-pane">

    <img id="avatar-crop-preview" class="avatar" alt="Avatar preview" src="wp-content/uploads/avatars/1/paul23.jpg"/>


    Notice there is no ‘/’ before the wp-content in the image src= call.


    <h5>Crop Your New Avatar</h5>

    <img id="avatar-to-crop" class="avatar" alt="Avatar to crop" src="/wp-content/uploads/avatars/1/paul23.jpg"/>

    <div id="avatar-crop-pane">

    <img id="avatar-crop-preview" class="avatar" alt="Avatar preview" src="/wp-content/uploads/avatars/1/paul23.jpg"/>


    When I add the slash in front of wp-content in the src= call, the image(s) appear. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to get the core files to display the src= url properly.


    John James Jacoby


    Check out and see if those fixes help?

    I know there are lots of different server setups and installation types we’re trying to account for, so it’s possible that something could need adjusting.


    I’m having problems with uploading avatars! I checked admin area in wordpress to see if upload works properly and it does. My problem is here

    Also This is another silly question but is there a way I can only allow links to be links within my site? So if someone is talking about a game they can only link to a page in my site that has the game they are talking about?

    This is using own theme template with Bpress.


    When I upload it tries getting image from this path:;

    If i get rid of “home/pdks/public_html/” the avatar is there! =

    How can I remove “home/pdks/public_html”



    I have the same problem audriusme had, except that blogs.php is in the right place.

    If I use Firebug to edit the <img/> tags to add “wp-content” to the @src attribute, then everything works just as it should.

    I’m running on WPMU and I just upgraded BP from 1.1.something to 1.2.1. In fact, since it wasn’t working, I also deactivated everything again and deleted BuddyPress altogether from the server and then did a manual install, just to be sure it wasn’t a problem with the upgrading process.

    I’ve searched both the BuddyPress forums and the WordPress forums for hours and it seems that all the other references to group avatars is “almost” similar to my problem, but not quite the same… until I saw audriusme’s post above about the missing “wp-content” in his <img/> tags. That’s exactly my problem.

    Any clues?




    JJJ – I implemented your fix mentioned above and here:


    bp-core-avatars.php line 389


    if ( !$path = get_option( 'upload_path' ) )<br />
    $path = WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/uploads';<br />


    if ( !$path = get_option( 'upload_path' ) )<br />
    $path = WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/uploads';<br />
    else<br />
    $path = ABSPATH . $path;</p>

    and then in “Settings >> Miscellaneous” simply kept “Store uploads in this folder” as wp-content/uploads and in “Full URL path to files” added the full url path of the uploads folder:

    Worked beautifully! Thanks so much all for all your help!!



    I get to upload the file but then at the cropping phase I see broken links and I can’t do anything with the images. If not cropped, the images then don’t show up.




    I have the same problem with a ”ported” buddypress installation [in site with several months] and I don’t have this problem with a fresh install [test site]

    I read and try fix above. I try change my URL/path in media settings [path to uploads] … nothing works

    Then I simply erase all data in misc options … [as I see in fresh install]

    And work!

    Maybe a coincidence … but work.

    all the best

    joao barroca

    what about those of us that don’t use the wp-content/uploads directory but a custom directory for uploads. On my site is use

    How would I get this to work with the above-mentioned fix?



    This worked for me:

    (see “Settings” >> “Miscellaneous”)

    Clear “Store uploads in this folder”-path

    Set “Full URL path to files” to absolute server path , e.g. “/home/_several_/_folder_/_levels_/wp-content/uploads”

    that did the trick. Thanks!

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