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BP Admin Bar just not displaying.

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    Marc Lequime


    I run a tech blog, – and for some reason, when I installed buddypress, everything is fine apart from the fact that the Admin bar just doesn’t display.

    It displays fine on the wp-admin section, but for standard pages, nothing.

    Any ideas?

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    Check if your theme’s footer.php has the wp_footer() hook. If not add it to just before closing [/body]

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    Marc Lequime


    I can’t believe it was that simple! Thank you so much.

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    Philo Hagen


    Wish it had been as simple on my end. In BP site 1 the admin bar went missing right after upgrading to the latest BP version (footer hook is there, just checked). And on BP site 2 the admin bar is quirky. Some can’t see it, others can, settings stuff works for those who can, but login takes you to an error page. Admin options like mark user as spammer or delete user no longer work. Anybody else having these issues? Thanks.

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    Karen Tax


    We’re also having problems getting the admin bar to display. Anyone have any answers?!

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    Danny O Dwyer


    thanks so much for this fix, sorted mine too :)

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    Mine seems to be displaying — without css — below the footer. Anyone have a hint as to the cause of that? (Working on WP 3.0 nightly builds, using the Twentyten theme.)

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    What does the wp_footer() hook mean and where on the page should it go?

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    Matthew Hui


    I have the same problem except that my theme has wp_footer() on footer.php

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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