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Bottom, the french buddypress community

  • danbpfr


    Hi all,

    i’m proud to announce that a new version of is out since a few hours.

    With the help of @imath (devs) and @mechanographik (design), we build a new theme to fit with some of the innovation introduced by BP 1.7

    • use of the WP Toolbar for main navigation
    • use of a sidebar widget for members and groups nav items from within “single item” page
    • google pretiffy integration into bbPress 2.3 for syntax highlighting when users publish code snippets
    • a members directory leading to some social profiles (Twitter,,, Github andFacebook

    Our new theme is based on BootstrapWP by Rachel Backer with a very original design and (hopefully) fully responsive fot the most popular mobile device of (things go so fast !) … the moment. 😉

    After over 4 years of support in french language and BP Default demo, we want to go further with BP itself by building a french community of BP users, devs and designers.

    Questions and suggestions are welcome.

    Have fun by discovering our BP  french touch !

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Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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