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BP Xtra Signup

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    I am using your BP Xtra Signup and a few of your other plugins.

    I am fine with PayPal as I am very happy with your plugins. Job well done !

    Many thanks,


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    If there is any demand for other newsletter services, like CampaignMonitor, then I’m more than happy to add that, by the way…

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    Just tried the download link and it told me it couldn’t find that page. Not sure what’s wrong.

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    Just tried the download link and it told me it couldn’t find that page

    Same here…

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    Ok, there was a little permalink problem. It should be sorted now.


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    Great plugin, and just what I was looking for! I only have one suggestion which I would really like to see:

    Allow the member to be subscribed to a different MailChimp list based on selection of a certain signup field.

    For example..

    On Signup:

    Where are you from?

    (dropdown selection box) “Netherlands”

    After signup the user get’s added to my MailChimp list: Netherlands. This allows me to target all my users at once or target only a certain List of my entire userbase. Since I’m dealing with different languages it’s an important feature for my community. This can be achieved with the MailChimp API: Not sure how much time this feature would cost, but I’m happy to pay something for it.. If others are interested in this as well, post it here please :D

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    Bowe, good suggestions. I’ll have a lok at the API again and get back to you with a timeframe.


    You can download the plugin now from the repository:

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    @travel-junkie Great idea for a plugin but I’m having an issue with it.
    It seems to be demanding a mailchimp api key even when I don’t have the mailchimp section set up.
    I only want to use the TOS section but it won’t let me save ANYTHING if I don’t supply the mailchimp stuff.

    Can the TOS be used on their own without activating the MC stuff?

    I’m using WP 3.0 and BP 1.2.4.

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    Great plugin! Personally I am using it ONLY for the email subscription. I would like to see integration with Campaign Monitor, as it’s my email tool of choice, but in the meantime I’ve created a MailChimp account to gather email addresses.

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    Hi, I have a laguage problem with your plug-in.
    Whatever I tried (PoEdit, or the codestyling-localization-Plug-in, building a, buildiing a bpxs-de_DE.po) nothing works. It seems that your plugin ignores all translations.
    Is this an known issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    I also tried to translate the .po file with PoEdit. How can I enable to use this translated file?

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    Hi guys,

    Great plugin – some very critical registration form elements!

    I’m having some trouble with the mailchimp integration. When I enable it via the bp-xtra admin page, I get a 404 error after users submit the registration form, and no address is added to my Mailchimp list. The user still gets the activation email, but the 404 is kind of ugly :)

    I’ve set up the plugin properly: added my API key and the ID for the group… but 404 page remains unless I disable the mailchimp checkbox.

    Anyone have this problem? Or any idea how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance,

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    @davewoodbridge – I’m having them same problem – well except that I just get a white screen after signup rather than 404. The registration goes through alright but the user is not added to my mailchimp list.

    I’m thinking it must not be compatible with BP 1.2.6. Does anyone have any ideas. @Travel-Junkie – any chance of looking into the problem?

    Its a really cool plugin but the main reason I want it is to integrate the signup with Mailchimp.


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    I’ve found a oversight with the Mailchimp integration where it subscribes using the username, rather than the Full Name which is provided on signup. The subscription confirmation email from MailChimp lists the First Name & Last Name where First Name it says the username and Last Name is blank… can this be integrated better?

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    Development of BP Xtra Signup has slowed down to a (backwards) crawl right now. I won’t be able to get it updated until after September.

    @travel-junkie , I have been using (and loving) your BP Xtra Signup plugin for a while on a single site installation. I just installed it on a multisite web, and I am just not being able to see it in the control pannel, it simply doesn´t show. I was wondering if there is any workaround to this since this is one plugin I donñt want to give up.

    If this is possible,I would appreciate a detailed explanation, considering my coding skills are near to ZERO.

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply.



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    This topic is over a year old. I don’t think the plugin is supported any longer.

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    Actually, it’s still an active plugin.

    @erikahrend, I recommend you make contact through the specific forum for that plugin:

    Thanks guys for your time and the replies. I have contacted the developer through the suggested forum.



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    This is the best signup extra plugin ever. Playing nice, clean with s2member. Now I need it in my new 6.1 project. Ready to pay for it. I tried every solution searching for an update. PLEASE keep him alive!

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