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BuddyPress and Better Messages Plugin Integration

  • xihadshaon


    Hello there,
    We have a Membership based website that runs with the help of MemberPress and BuddyPress plugins. We use MemberPress to create memberships and BuddyPress to organize the user profiles.
    What we want:
    We want to be able to send direct messages to all members who have a specific membership type such as “Provider”, Or “Family”. These roles are already created via the BuddyPress plugin and they are active.

    Now, when we try to go into the feature of Better Messages which is called “Chat room”, it shows us the functions to send messages to all users from different types of membership by integrating with the BuddyPress profile. However, when we create the chat room and publish it, it does not send the message to those users or anyone else.

    We really believed that “Chat Room” from the “Better Messages” plugin is able to do the job.

    My question: Does any function from BuddyPress prevent the plugin “Better Messages” from sending a text to all users at once?

    Also, please suggest if there is any other plugin or setting that might do the job!

    All we want to do is send messages to all users from a selected membership.

    We really want to make this feature useable and setup it up on our website.
    Any support will be very helpful!

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