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BuddyPress-Links 0.4.x Releases and Support

  • MrMaz


    I just tagged BuddyPress links 0.4-beta. Please test in your development environment and report any issues on this thread. Please do not post a bug unless you see the behavior with the default theme activated to rule out child theme issues.

    !!! This version upgrade updates every link entry in the database to populate a new field, so back up your data !!!

    Here are the changes for this version:

    * Initial group integration support added

    * Added profile and group sharing features

    * Create link directly from user profile and group pages

    * Moved link list update/error messages to inside the current link’s LI block

    * Added external link icon next to main link URL on the link list

    * All link list targets and rels are no longer set by default and must be explicitly set with a filter

    * All link list content is now separately filterable for finer control over URLs and content

    * Load members profile links using plugins template instead of members home action

    * Link description can be configured as optional with a constant.

    * Usability fixes to the link create/admin form (props Mike Pratt)

    * Heavy duty javascript refactoring

    Download here:



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  • Dear Mr :
    i use ver .0.5 , when i try to add some links i get an error :
    Link Name must be 125 characters or less, please make corrections and re-submit.

    some link work fine , but not all link so how can you help ?

    Video playback appears to have broken in WP 3.1

Viewing 2 replies - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)
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