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Buddypress Multisite/Multinetwork.

  • vinaysagar4u


    I have waited years and years for something to be developed on Multisite framework but nothing happening on these grounds. So, I request the developers to kindly consider this proposal.

    I’ve worked on BP-Multi network and BP Multisite by Brajesh. I used to do extensive testing on possibilities of these plugins but segregation wasn’t totally supported and is not actually necessary. So I’m hoping this input should be helpful. I have lots of multisite social networks and in all such networks I wish each sub site is considered as another site but not just another user’s blog full of his/her posts. Atleast that is the purpose of Buddypress. Buddypress makes a blog into a social network. So, what should be the Multisite feature in Buddypress Multisite or Multinetwork?

    1) Segregation of Networks:

    a) Segregation in Userbase: It is not really necessary actually. Adding filters should do for multisite. Because, for example, if person A is a member of a subsite XY. He should create a new ID to join another subsite YZ and fill another profile data again. Instead, a filter that could limit access and display of person A to subsite XY until he wants to join subsite YZ with a simple option should be just easy and sounds awesome.

    b) Segregation in Groups: This is very much necessary. (Or) this can follow above procedure too. A group created in a sub site should be limited to the subsite adding any filter if possible. Adding option like above to share the group with another subsite or main site will be an awesome option.

    c) Forums: Same

    d) Activity: This is very much required. Activity displayed in multisite’s subsite should be limited to the subsite by default or atleast with few options.

    I’ve waited years for this to happen and none of the community members are taking any initiative on Buddypress Multisite. Now that wordpress 4.4 supports Multi Networks extensively, Buddypress should try something to make it the best social networking tool in the world. Hope my input is logical.









    Please tell me your thoughts too.

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  • Joseph G.


    Seems like a good idea 🙂



    Thanks for the support Joseph.



    May be this can happen if buddypress stores values of subsite id alongside every time a creation of group and user and activity happens, so that it can filter easily when in multisite mode. 🙂
    This way people don’t have to segregate and those who had to segregate, shouldn’t cry later because they cannot undo it easily later in the future. 🙂



    Suggestions in this post MAY be of some help.

    I only say MAY because the user base is shared – once a user visits another network that user is added to the Members of that network.

    However each network can have absolutely completely separate Activity Streams, Groups, Forums, and sites/blogs as well as separate plugin and theme structures.

    I fully understand that this may not not be exactly what you are looking for but it certainly is a very good start.



    Hi Valuser,
    That’s exactly what I mean Valuser. The way they do it right now is by using third party plugins called BP Multinetwork by segregating databases for every subsite.

    My idea is that, it need not be segregated to achieve this. Actually, WordPress does this very well with Multisite. Buddypress can do it too if it stored the blog ID value in database for every activity captured, groups and members. That way you can design options to filter members of the present site, activity and groups that can all have separate and sitewide data. This way they don’t have to segregate database by the BP Multinetwork plugin and still have separate activity, groups and members. Better thing is you can “Internetwork”. Which means, you can have a group that is subsite specific and still build an option to share it with another subsite/main site as well, within the network/multinetwork platform.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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