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Extended Profiles on Sign up?

  • Can anyone tell me a way of adding my extended profile fields to the sign up page?

    Adding them to the main group is not an option as I have two groups that contain the same field names;

    Property Wanted:

    Number of Bedrooms.

    Property Required:

    Number of Bedrooms.

    Also, to add certain extended profile fields to the members loop page ( )

    Any help or pointers would be hugely appreciated.

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  • Blimey, Guys!…

    Is it that difficult a question?

    : O

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    rant removed

    Short version, no, it’s not easy.

    So what’s the long version?

    ; )

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    WordPress MU and Buddypress have separate profile/user management tables that aren’t synchronized and in some ways clash. End users will see different profile editing screens, in wp-admin and buddypress front-end, with different data that have nothing to do with eachother. Users are identified by full name, username, nickname, blogname or whatever depending on where in the system you are and how it’s configured. It’s a confusing mess and my pet peeve.

    But I’m not even sure if that’s relevant to your problem, so I removed the rant.

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    can the default / built in profile system be extended to have advanced & fully developed profiles (custom fields and such)?

    what is gained by going with bp if so?

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    I also just noticed that buddypress profiles don’t import from wordpress profiles or vice versa. It takes enough tooth pulling to get people to complete one profile. Adding those fields to sign up would be good because required fields would also have some anti-spam benefits.

    Why can’t you just write a custom signup page, and get it to list all of the xprofile groups?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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