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Forum Integration: HELPING HINTS

  • ***Updated June 3rd, 2009 and works with BB RC 1.0, BP 1.0, MU 2.7.1 *******

    I notice that this forum thing is really not that easy for everyone to put in place and I had to do it several times myself to get it working properly. What worked on one server didn’t work as planned on another one. Strange, but I thought I would write this to see if it helps anyone out.

    Integration Assumptions:

    First off, this assumes that you are using SVN of bbPress of at LEAST 1.0 alpha 4 and nothing less. Do not try this on bbPress alpha 7 when it is released! No more than alpha 6. Buddypress beta or SVN as well. I also haven’t tested this without at least having bbPress using the WPMU user tables for integration. You also NEED to be running WPMU 2.7+ SVN or WPMU 2.7 Branch until the release of WPMU 2.7.1 as it doesn’t work on earlier versions of WPMU.

    *** these are requirements for running the bp-forums integration, not buddypress in general! ***

    bbPress Side (First):

    1) you have bbpress installed and a new user created on the “bbPress” side which you granted “administrator” rights by the keymaster

    2) you copy the “buddypress-enable.php” plugin out of the bp-forums folders and copy it into your /my-plugins/ folder (create if it doesn’t exist) so it is /my-plugins/buddypress-enable.php ****People ask about /bb-plugins/ versus /my-plugins/ and put it in /my-plugins/

    3) Enable the plugin through your bbPress administration side for plugins

    4) Edit “settings” to enable xmlrpc and pingbacks (both)

    5) edit your bb-config.php and just before the closing php call at the bottom of the page put:

    $bb->bb_xmlrpc_allow_user_switching = true;

    buddypress Side (Second):

    6) Go into your main blog dashboard as the “site-admin” and go to the “bbPress Forums” page. Put in the URL of your forum like and make sure you have the ending slash on that one.

    7) Put in the user that you created in step 1 with the bbPress “administration” rights and their password. I never changed the password, just used the random one it sent me, but it is up to you. I usually save it a couple of times to ensure it was entered due to a refreshing bug at time of writing this.

    8) Go to one of your groups (new or existing) and go to the group admin page. Make sure “discussion” is turned off. If it was already off that is fine, but if it was enabled already, turn it off

    9) Turn the group “discussion” back on and then physically go to your forums URL and see if it created the forum on the bbPress side without trying to create a new topic on the buddypress side.

    If you have the new forum now, then you should skip to step 10. If not, go through steps 1-9 again and make sure you got all the steps perfectly.

    10) If you have made it this far, it will work, but I like to create the first post in the new forum on the bbPress side and then see if it shows up in the buddypress group forum. Old habit, but for odd circumstance, it seems to work best for me. If it works, try creating a new topic on the group you have working.

    ***Don’t forget that you have to do step 8 for every group that was created before you enabled the forum integration! Very important***

    Other notes:

    1) The refreshing bug in step 7 killed it for me a couple of times and I made sure I saved it at least 2 times.

    2) Forgetting the line in bb-config.php killed it for me a couple of times as well.

    3) In one install I had to change the bbPress “user” with administration rights password and on the bbPress side and then completing step 7 again.

    4) I also found that through “previous testing” I had some bp_groupmeta entries that were screwing things up with duplicates for the same forum in the database. Shouldn’t happen to anyone else, but that screwed some things up for me as well.

    In terms of having buddypress and bbPress working together, I am sure it works with buddypress on one server and bbPress on another since it works through the xmlrpc module which makes it very powerful.

    Let me know if I am out to lunch as well or you have anything else to add!


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  • Thanks J3! Very cool.



    wpmu 2.8.2, bp 1.0.3, bbpress 1.0.2

    I believe my integration is working as advertised but… when I delete a forum topic from a buddypress group it is removed from the group forum but not deleted from bbpress. Over time the bbpress forum will have a growing number of topics/posts that group admins think they have deleted (from buddypress) but actually live on in bbpress.

    I’m not sure if tags within buddypress group forums are working. Tags can be added but I only find them available when directly accessing bbpress. While on the buddypress side, I’m not able to search groups for tags in the group forum.

    Are these issues of a bad integration on my part or just limits of the current versions?




    I’ve tried every step on this and it’s still not working.

    My problem is when I go to create a group the check box is blocked so I can’t click it but a few times the forum link has appeared. I try to make a topic through the group and it shoots me an error. Any other thing I’m missing?




    I think I can simplify my question from a few days ago. To recap- I believe my bp and bbpress integration is working properly, but I’m not sure because of two issues:

    1. Forum posts deleted from the bp group forums are removed from the bp group but remain in the bbpress forums.

    2. Tags can be added to forum topics in bp groups but the tags don’t serve a purpose in bp. Tags are only accessible/searchable when directly using bbpress.

    Is this how integration presently works? If not, any suggestions?

    Thanks for your feedback. wpmu 2.8.2, bp 1.0.3, bbpress 1.0.2, subdomains

    Pratik Bagaria


    hi there,

    Integration was smooth for me, except for one thing :)

    here is the site in question:

    Its running Buddypress.

    These are the steps I followed to integrate BB and BP…

    WPMU, BP, and BB is working good. But I just can’t get the logins to work, I mean when I login into WPMU, I am not automatically logged into BBPress Forum.

    I am guessing thats the reason why in my BuddyPress, the forum is working fine, but who ever posts, there is no gravtar or name is seen :(

    Can someone help, what might have gone wrong.?




    enable pingbacks on both WPMU & BBpress, that’s what I was missing.



    Hi All, I’ve read this entire thread, and some people seem to have similar problems, but I never heard of the solution…

    I’ve checked and double checked, and it’s so close, but I can’t quite get there:

    At this point, I thought I had everything working, but if a user tries to post, the Red Error Bar shows up and nothing gets posted. As the admin user, all post are working perfectly. If I remove the line in the bb-cofig file ($bb->bb_xmlrpc_allow_user_switching = true;), all users can post and create topics, but the author of all posts is “admin”

    Am I as close as I think? I’ve given up on this, but I thought I’d throw out this last post.





    I have followed until step 7 but i could not find where i can turn off or turn on the discussion enabled.

    Under “enable comment wire” there is this:

    Attention Site Admin: Group forums require the correct setup and configuration of a bbPress installation.



    Never mind I got the log in for the admin wrong.

    My problem is now that I can’t post anything on the forum through buddypress groups.



    I’m using wpmu 2.8.4a with the latest trunk (r1757) on my local machine.

    When i’m trying to activate the forum on some group i get the following error message:

    Warning: require_once(/home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bbpress/bb-includes/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bp-forums-bbpress.php on line 25

    However Forums Setup on the dahsboar says:

    bbPress forum integration in BuddyPress has been set up correctly. If you are having problems you can re-install

    I tried to re-install, but still get the same error. Any suggestions? Is this normal with the latest trunk?

    This is not normal, please report this sort of thing in trac.

    John James Jacoby


    @21cdb, did you DL the zip from the trac, or did you SVN? I think there’s an issue with the trac zipper and it not including the external bbPress library. Can you verify that you have a bbpress directory in your buddypress/bp-forums/ directory?



    @John James Jacoby, i DL the zip from the trac. I can also confirm that there must be some issue with the trac zipper, because i don’t have a bbpress directory in buddypress/bp-forums/ directory.

    @Andy: Should i still report this issue in trac?

    I have another issue with the Side Wide Activity widget. It doesn’t show the status updates and some other things. Could this also be due to an issue with the zipper?



    @John James Jacoby, i DL the zip from the trac. I can also confirm that there must be some issue with the trac zipper, because i don’t have a bbpress directory in buddypress/bp-forums/ directory.

    @Andy: Should i still report this issue in trac?

    I have another issue with the Side Wide Activity widget. It doesn’t show the status updates and some other things. Could this also be due to an issue with the zipper?

    Jimmy B.


    I’ve gotten WordPressMU installed (2.8.4a) and bbPress (1.0.2) installed. When you create a group the forum is creating in bbPress. I can post a topic on the bbPress side and it’ll show up in BuddyPress. When I try creating a new topic or replying to a topic I get that dreaded – “There was an error posting that topic” message.

    I’ve made sure I enabled XMLRPC and Pingbacks in bbPress and added that line to my bbPress config. I also use that XMLRPC testing plugin and it returns normal data so it can connect to bbPress via XMLRPC.

    Are there any other troubleshooting steps I can take or any ideas of what I might be missing?



    Hi, I’m having a problem with the error:

    ‘Attention Site Admin: Group forums require the correct setup and configuration of a bbPress installation.’

    I started with a new site on a subdomain, installed WordPress MU 2.8.1, then installed Buddypress 1.0.3. This worked no problem.

    I then installed bbPress 1.0.1 and followed the steps above. Everything seemed to have gone fine, and the integrated logins worked across all areas of the site.

    The only problem I’m having is the error above. It appears when I’m logged into Buddypress and try to create a new group. Despite this error, the group is created, but no forum is created for the group.

    I have 1 user in the system, using the login details admin/password. Admin is set as the Key Master. I have tried using the suggested versions of the 3 pieces of software, as well as later versions, all with the same problem. I’ve completely run out of ideas. Any help you can give is hugely appreciated.




    I’m sorry if I missed something vital but I’ve searched without luck for some time now. My mu/bp experience is rudimentary, to say the least.

    Group forum support is working but how do I get it to work on the main site? Currently, topics from groups forums show up, but of course no way to post unless you’re a member of that particular group.

    Mu 2.8.4a

    Bp 1.1-rc

    John James Jacoby


    I’m going to unstick this topic from the front of the forums since bbPress is now an included part of BuddyPress.

    Anyone wishing to integrate their forums the old fashioned way should still use this topic as a reference since most of the methods here still work.



    I would just like to thank you Trent and John James to this forum. The information given here is interesting and very helpful. Keep up the good work guys….





    hi all, was experimenting with my new integrated bp/bb site and have this question. I created a group in bp with forum/wire enabled; and i could see this being created in bbpress as well.

    In bbpress admin, i deleted a forum and moved all its contents (topics and posts) to the newly created forum (and group in bp). All the posts were moved fine and I can read/edit/post them in bbpress. However, in bp group forum; i can only see the topics (with information that the topic has x posts etc etc); but these topics are really not linked to any posts i.e. the link is just pointing to ?? No links.

    It this a bp limitation (not properly converting topics/posts moved from bbpress to the newly created bp groups? )? How to fix this?


    Patrick Daly


    Thanks for the hints!

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