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group events calendar [plugin]

  • MJ


    Hello everyone.

    I am looking for an events calendar for the buddypress groups. features such as.

    -integration with the activities.

    – ability for users to post events

    -calendar / list showing upcoming events in the group.

    – ability for group admins to remove events.

    thanks , anyone have one?

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  • gregfielding


    wpmudev premium has one that I use…but it ain’t free.



    is it any good?



    I wasn’t thrilled with it before, but they just updated it the other day and it does work well. Each group has a calendar. You can set permissions. And, there is a widget to show either all public events or just the events for a specific group (nice for a group blog).

    It’s certainly very basic, but it does work.

    New calendar items don’t show up in the activity stream though.

    It is very basic which is surprising considering the sales pitch given for it – leading one to believe otherwise. Personally I wouldn’t touch this I’ve been non too impressed by what’s offered on that site.

    It’s a shame but Erwins Events plugin was better but sadly it’s – for the moment ?- seemingly a stalled plugin



    I like Erwin’s work but it is getting frustrating waiting for this ONE plugin before I can upgrade my sites. It’s just too important a function for me not to have it for my sites. I will stand by my contention that Events is easily just as important community building as Groups and should seriously be considered a core feature of BuddyPress. There have been way too many posts about the need for this functionality that it’s a shame it’s being ignored. At this point there should either be multiple Events plugins OR it should be core.

    As always my two cents.



    At this point there should either be multiple Events plugins OR it should be core.

    And just who would you suggest devote the time to these demands?

    Me, I can just get by with HTML/CSS. PHP is still a foreign language to me, so I am content to bide my time while waiting for those creative folks who generously give of their time and skills.

    If you are skilled at coding, perhaps you could devote your time to this project. If not, please be patient.

    Or, begin a discussion thread about what features you believe should make up the basic framework of an events plugin. Interest could perhaps build in the community, and strike passion in the heart of some obscure developer(s)… who knows.

    It only takes a spark to ignite a bonfire.



    @pc w3riter I am “being patient” but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating. I have said time and again in these very forums that I have total respect for Erwin and his work. I have even told him as much on more than one occasion. I have even suggested the features I would find most useful to others looking to create their own plugins. Excuse me but if you actually read my comment it is framed around CORE BuddyPress functions. I believe “events” is worthy of consideration to Core function just like others believe a picture album is too. That’s the point I am trying to make.

    I need a group calendar also. I can get a WP developer to start working on it. Is anyone interested in chipping in? We can set something up on

    I agree… events should be in the core. Maybe some day.

    Hi, what is the state-of-th-art in this area? Which is the best integrated events plugin nowadays? Integrated in therms of BP-groups integration…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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