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How to replace Buddypres user avatar with wordpress local avatar?

  • T_ed


    I have both Buddypress and bbpress installed. bbpres is using local wordpress avatars that registered users uploaded even before bbpress was installed. I want Buddypress to do the same – use these local avatars instead of its own. I have found this code on bbpress codex and internets:

    add_filter('bp_core_fetch_avatar_no_grav', '__return_true');

    I added this code to bp-custom.php, but it`s seems like this code is not working anymore? I really need to make Buddypress to use local avatars just like bbpress do, please help.

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  • Prashant Singh



    You can follow this thread

    You can remove the condition where it is checking if the user has uploaded avatar or not.




    hi @prashantvatsh! so i went to that link you posted (above) which then leads to a WPMUDEV thread…which uses an outdated chunk of code that apparently was created to work with a “social login” plugin….and many users from back in 2015 (which is after the code was shared) say it no longer works with their site, and a couple commenters even said it crashed their site. 🙁

    so….is there a filter/code that i can use to get BuddyPress to use the WordPress avatar that I set instead of the BuddyPress avatar…?

    i don’t think that article will help get BuddyPress to use the same avatar that WordPress is using on a site.

    please note: i have gravatars shut off on my site for WordPress and also for BuddyPress. i did it via code for BuddyPress, and am doing it via a plugin for WordPress. i will not be using gravatars…not EVER. 😀

    so now, all i need to know is how to get BuddyPress to use whatever avatar that WordPress is using on a site.

    please also note: i am “forcing” WordPress to use a local avatar….which is exactly what i want. then, if i could only get BuddyPress to use the same avatar that WordPress is using….that would also mean that bbPress will use the same avatar, because bbPress uses whatever avatar BuddyPress uses.

    so…..if i could find a way to get the avatar that WordPress is using to be used by BuddyPress, that would make me SOOO HAPPY!! 😀 it would be the last piece of the puzzle in my website avatar issue.

    main question: can you help me “remove the condition where it is checking if the user has uploaded avatar or not”….?

    follow-up question: in the future, would that mean that BuddyPress’s avatar is always in synch with WordPress’s avatar? in other words, would any changes to the WordPress avatar then automatically show up within BuddyPress (which would then mean bbPress changes too, because bbPress uses the BuddyPress avatar)…?

    thanks in advance for any and all assistance! 🙂



    oh, by the way: my site has user profile creation disabled. also have disabled the ‘extended profiles’ as well as the option to allow users to upload avatars to their profiles.

    i tried re-enabling those things (‘extended profiles’ and ‘allow users to upload avatars’)… site stalled, then crashed not long after.

    sooooooo enabling those two things is not an option, lol!

    one interesting thing to note: whenever i use ‘buddypress first letter avatar’ then the buddypress avatar changes to be whatever the plugin says to put there (the first letter of the user’s name)….that’s awesome!! AND i am using that ‘buddypress first letter avatar’ without extended profiles being turned on and also using it without allowing users to upload avatars to their profiles.

    so i know that you CAN indeed change a user’s profile via programming without having to enable those two (annoying, lol) features in BuddyPress.

    i’ve considered modifying that plugin, but to be honest that’s a little above my paygrade. 🙂

    thoughts, @prashantvatsh? is there a simple solution i’m overlooking — a filter or something? no plugin i’ve found (so far) in the WordPress plugin repository can alter the BuddyPress avatar except the ‘buddypress first letter avatar’ plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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