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Moderate members

  • Tom


    After searching & searching I cant for the life of me find how to turn on moderate new members.

    I was sure I saw a setting in the admin panel for this but now cant find it. Which led me to believe maybe I was going mad, but then I read this:

    So… can someone please tell me where in my admin panel the option is to turn on member moderation?

    Basically accounts need to be approved before they join the site.

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  • takuya


    Plugin page (on says,

    1.Upload the bp-registration-options folder to the plugins directory in your WPMU installation

    2.Activate the plugin

    3.Click on the “BP Registation Options” link under Settings.

    4.Configure your BuddyPress registration options.



    by default (without plugin):

    wpmu admin -> general settings -> allow new user ? (yes/no)

    wpmu admin left col menu: Users -> authors & users or add user



    sorry !

    wpmu admin -> general settings -> options -> allow new user ? (yes/no)



    Choufi- that stops registrations completely- doesnt let you moderate members.

    I want to let them register, but not access their account until it’s been moderated (its a competition).

    @Social.. thanks mate. For some reason when I first installed that plugin it never worked, but tried again this evening and the admin menu is there, so all that’s left is to try it out. I have faith in it. Many thanks :)



    Hmm seems I was wrong.

    Just edited the emails that get sent out by the plugin, hit save, and my page is filled with errors.


    And the support forum for the plugin is pretty much non-existant by the looks of things:



    Seems I’ve fixed the problem myself..

    Basically- because I have disabled the blog features of the site, and groups- I had to remove this part from the plugin php file:

    ` $bp_groups=$_POST[‘bp_groups’];

    $bp_groups_str = implode(“,”, $bp_groups);

    update_option(‘bprwg_groups’, $bp_groups_str);


    $bp_blogs_str = implode(“,”, $bp_blogs);

    update_option(‘bprwg_blogs’, $bp_blogs_str);`

    All working as it should now (so far) :)



    Seems that only fixed the admin panel problem.

    However it’s throwing up errors on the front end now.

    To be honest I think this plugin is maybe outdated.

    I’ll list here my site’s configuration, and what errors I’m getting in-case anyone fancies making this plugin work as it should.

    OK.. Groups and Blogs are disabled site-wide (Except for the main site blog).

    The setting “Allow new registrations” is set to “Only user account can be created.”

    And “Registration notification” set to “Yes”

    1st problem (As previously mentioned in this thread)… When I go to the admin panel and try to edit the options for the plugin, and hit save, it throws up the errors that I posted here:

    I managed to get rid of those errors by doing as mentioned here:

    However… it turns out that was not a fix for the plugin, so I reverted the file back to original state.

    OK, I couldn’t edit the emails that would be sent out due to those errors, but I could of worked around that (editing within the file itself)… so I continued to the next step, which was to try and create a new account, to see if the plugin actually done what it’s supposed to.

    After entering all my required fields, and hitting the submit button, I was taken to the upload avatar page. I was also shown the “Check your email address for your activation email” notice. Also, at the top of the page these errors appeared:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home2/puezq/public_html/ on line 639

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home2/puezq/public_html/ on line 642

    Since I know only very little php, I had a look to see what those lines were in the plugin php file, but done nothing with them. Here are those lines:

    639 $bp_groups_str = implode(",", $bp_groups);

    642 $bp_blogs_str = implode(",", $bp_blogs);

    So I’m guessing these errors are showing because I have blogs and groups disabled on the site?

    However the plugin php file is full of terms relating to blogs and groups, so I saw no point just removing those lines from the file as other errors would appear from somewhere… surely?

    Anyway, to see what happened next- I then uploaded an avatar, successfully. The errors at the top of the page disappeared when it was uploaded.

    I then clicked on the activation link in the email I received, and logged into the site. I was able to EDIT my profile and browse the site pages normally, but not able to view member profiles, my own public profile, or even view the members search page.

    I then received an email saying there was a new member registration (to my admin email)… and the notice also appears in the admin panel saying there’s a user awaiting moderation.

    And that’s where Im at.

    Come to think of it, and after having read through this post several times now- It seems that the plugin’s actually working… with the exception of those errors that are flagging up in the admin panel (when editing the emails that will be sent out), and at the top of the front end page. Hopefully one of you guys can tell me how to get rid of those errors… or at least the ones on the front end. :-)

    This truly does sound like a fantastic plugin, but with non-existent support at the forum link in the README.txt file, I think it can only carry on living if one of you geniuses are willing to fix the bugs.

    Unless anyone knows of another plugin that will allow new member moderation? (I have searched, but couldnt find anything).



    final installment- I just approved that new user via the admin panel, and it threw up this error (backend):

    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home2/puezq/public_html/ on line 82

    Line 82 is

    if (mysql_num_rows($rs2) > 0) {

    However the users account HAS been activated, and is now able to view every part of the site (Public profiles etc).



    Is it even possible to make the activation emails get sent to the site admin, rather than to the actual member? That way I can just forward the activation email to the member IF I approve their account.

    Would this work, and how would I go about it?

    Ray Mannion


    @jeffreeeeey: any luck with this? I’m getting the bp-registration-options.php on line 639

    error as well.

    The plugin has helped a great deal. I went and modified wpmu-functions.php to add the members profile URL so I could quickly look at the person’s info and either spam or delete them if I thought they were fake. It’s still pretty manual, but faster.

    I currently have the option set that people can sign up for groups on the registration screen:

    So, I thought perhaps it occurred because I didn’t join any groups. Lots of people get emailed when a new user signs up, so I hesitate to keep testing this. Any suggestions? How did you resolve this issue?



    I had the same problems. Looks like the plugin is not working with BP 1.2 any more.

    But maybe there’s a workaround with other wpmu plugins?



    $bp_groups_str = implode(“,”, $bp_groups);

    $bp_blogs_str = implode(“,”, $bp_blogs);

    Does it work for you when you change the double quotes “,” to single quotes ‘,’ ?

    Tried that and didn’t see any errors. The sign-up doesn’t work on my install though. I’m running my BP from a subblog and with changed slugs. Slugs are all hardcoded in this plugin. Think that may be the reason I can’t get any further than a ‘sure you want to do this’-message after signing a new user up.

    Brian Messenlehner


    Plugin has been updated to work with newer versions of BuddyPress. Also fixed misc bugs…



    @messenlehner I really wish this plugin was working for me. I’m getting the following warnings/errors after clicking Save Options.

    Top of page…
    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in …/wp-content/plugins/bp-registration-options/bp-registration-options.php on line 36

    Next to each group checkbox is the same error/warning…
    Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in …/wp-content/plugins/bp-registration-options/bp-registration-options.php on line 226/> GroupName

    Help please!

    Brian Messenlehner


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