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Plugin Developers: Are you supporting the classic theme in 1.2?

  • MrMaz


    I just got BP 1.2 (trunk) up and running, installed the backwards compatibility plugin, and enabled the classic theme (sacrilege!)

    Right off the bat I noticed a couple of glaring bugs or oversights that made me go hmmm. Not that they would be a big deal to correct, but the issues are both with groups.

    1. It is not possible to create a group. The menu item is gone from the profile menu.

    2. There is a function required by the classic theme that is missing and throws a fatal error.

    This isn’t really a bug report, but a question. Am I the first person to try the classic theme in BP 1.2 or does nobody care because classic is old/defunct/washed up?

    It seems that a serious effort was made to keep classic functioning, but it still needs some work. Are any plugin developers even going to support classic in 1.2? Is it worth my time to support it? I don’t want to spend many hours supporting classic if people are going to be dropping it like yesterday’s moldy doughnuts.

    Lets have a discussion shall we :)

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  • Brajesh Singh


    hi Mr Maz

    first of all, I think, the Groups creation link is moved to directory page, It should be on the groups directory page.

    Now to the question, for all my current developments I am supporting BP 1.2 default as the base theme.

    But if a user asks for supporting the bp-classic, I will certainly do that. It all depends on how many people are going to use bp-classic, and only time will tell about that.

    In my view, It is better to support the bp-default and then if there is a demand for bp-classic, you may put some extra effort to support bp-classic, but do not use it as default theme for development while developing for bp 1.2.

    And this question is most prominent in the case, where your user interface is tightly tied with the theme, so better Provide users with the complete API/template tags documentation and they can port it to any theme they want.



    Hi, the missing function got solved by Andy very quickly yesterday (after i also ran into/reported it).

    Use the latest trunk and it’ll work :-)

    I’m very pleased with the way those little bugs are solved.

    Cheers, Ruben




    I agree with your post and that is probably the direction I will take. I only have so much time to develop my plugin, and will wait until there is a demand for classic theme support before I burn up any brain cells on it.


    Thanks for that. Sounds like a case of bad timing! I will update my local copy and hopefully that problem will be resolved.

    Btw, I am not complaining about classic. I think the core dev did an awesome job with backwards compatibility so far. You can tell that a lot of effort went into it.

    I am still interested what other plugin developers have to say about bp-classic support in 1.2 and how their efforts are going and what their users are telling them.

    D Cartwright


    We have done literally zero testing in the classic theme for our groupwiki plugin. We just don’t have the extra dev time to go that route. The new theme is such a massive improvement over the classic one that it also feels a bit backwards using it ;) Though I’m sure people with established sites can’t very easily just pick up their bags and move over.

    Erwin Gerrits


    bp-events will NOT be supporting anything older than 1.2… heck, it only works half with 1.2 now… I have put in WAY too much time to (at least) try to make it work with 1.2, I will have no patience left to fix/test for anything older. Once I have it working with 1.2, I’ll never look back.

    But that’s just a personal choice. (Do I sound frustrated enough?)

    @Erwin: Ya… I don’t blame you at all and I fully support bp-events being 1.2+ only. No backwards compatibility. The new default theme is great… big improvement on the front end… but the file structure has been radically altered. It’s going to be a pain for a lot of people. I tried making new bp-events templates myself for 1.2 and gave up after about a week. I’m glad you’re on the case because I had no luck.

    If it offers any comfort, the days of radical template changes in every version are over.

    Famous last words…. the internet never forgets ;)

    On topic, I’m not going out of my way to provide support for 1.1 in any plugins which I will release in future. Like D Cartwright and Erwin says, it takes too much time which I’m not getting any money for.

    Famous last words.... the internet never forgets ;)




    If it offers any comfort, the days of radical template changes in every version are over.

    Oh man, have mercy, AndyP :-)



    If it offers any comfort, the days of radical template changes in every version are over.

    As a member of the php-challenged minority, I thank you!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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