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Revert Buddypress Registration page for the default WordPress?

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  • viviandsena11


    WordPress Default Registration Settings:
    Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Settings ยป General. Look for the “Membership” option or “Anyone can register” checkbox. Ensure that the checkbox is checked/enabled. This setting allows users to register via the default WordPress registration system.

    Disable BuddyPress Registration:
    In the BuddyPress settings, there might be an option related to registration. Look for the BuddyPress settings either in the WordPress dashboard or under the BuddyPress plugin settings. Disable or turn off any registration-related settings within BuddyPress to revert to the default WordPress registration.

    Check Theme and Plugin Compatibility:
    Sometimes, themes or plugins might override default registration settings. Ensure that your current theme or any other plugins installed do not enforce their custom registration processes that conflict with the default WordPress registration.

    Review Custom Code or Functions:
    If you’ve added any custom code or functions related to registration, review them to ensure they’re not redirecting or modifying the registration flow to use BuddyPress.
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    The only things on are Buddypress and BuddyX theme; everything else is default. When disabled the correct /wp-login.php?action=register works fine, when enabled it does not. The registration page is set to “None” in buddypress. All custom code was removed (bp-custom.php) not sure what else I can try.



    Nevermind, the reason it wasn’t working IS because it required that snippet from the initial post, I feel dumb.

    Either way thank you for your help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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