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Selecting which other subdomains can view/access a group

  • stratact


    For a multi-site made up of subdomains, and for a given subdomain group, is it possible to select which other subdomains can view/access this group’s information (e.g. name, blog, forum, and/or wiki docs)?

    For example, in a conglomerate business’ multi-site made up of numerous subdomains (each for a different company), it doesn’t make sense for totally unrelated companies’ employees (members) to view each others’ groups’ name, for access to its information (e.g. blog, forum, and/or wiki docs). Two of these unrelated companies could be a pharmaceutical company and an automobile repair company.

    If a subset of other subdomains cannot be selected, as above, would it be possible to prevent members of all other subdomains from viewing/accessing a subdomain’s group name, for access to its information?

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  • Prashant Singh



    You can make group private and then members belonging to that group can access only and others have to request to request to join that group and then you can easily deny that if they are from different company.

    Please check:

    Group Settings and Roles




    Thank you for your timely response.

    That works, however, if the list of groups is very large, one might have to read all the groups’ descriptions to see the ones that may have the same interests as the subdomain they are currently logged into. If the list of groups is very large, then this could take a lot of time.

    I would like the Groups Directory page to at least have group names organized by their originating subdomain, so that a new member can quickly see which groups have interests that are more common to the subdomain that they are logged into. Can this be done somehow, perhaps by editing the “Create a Group” page?

    If not, can I edit the “Create a Group” page to automatically (by code change) prepend the group name inside the “GROUP NAME (REQUIRED)” text box with the originating subsite’s name {followed by a colon (:) and space}? This would result in having each group name showing its subsite origin, which would imply its focus of interest.

    If not again, then is it possible to edit the “Create a Group” page to insert a line at the top requesting the group creator to prepend each new group name by the originating subsite’s name {followed by a colon (:) and space}?

    Also, in all cases above, where can I find the “Create a Group” page to edit it?

    Prashant Singh


    Glad to know that it worked for you 🙂

    Two ways to add content there:

    1. To edit ‘Create a group’ page we need to override the file create.php(buddyPress->bp-templates->bp-legacy/bp-nouveau->buddypress->groups) in the child theme and then add your content there.

    2. The easiest method will be to use this hook bp_nouveau_groups_create_hook( 'before', 'content_template' ); and print your text in it and it will add that text just before the form.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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