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Users can’t register through BuddyPress home page

  • Chris O’Brien


    Hi all:

    I’m attempting to reinstall buddypress with wp 3.0 network setting activated. The site is In the admin dashboard, I can add new users and new sites. I have the settings to allow new registrations. However, new users can not register themselves from the registration page ( It just cycles back to the registration form. Any suggestions?

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  • Mark


    yah, the same happens with me. have wp 3.0 and latest updates of buddypress. site is






    This is also happening to me. Seems like registering in the BP form isnt working. I also got the latest versions of WP and BP



    same problem with me… would love to have a solution for this.
    Did any of you found a solution for this?



    Found the cullprit; the ‘SI Captcha’ plugin was preventing it because of a wrong set file permission.
    Check the plugin settings page and it will say what is wrong.

    You need to make sure “Anyone Can Register” is checked off under Membership in the General WordPress Settings :)



    @Chris O’Brien I just visited your website looks like you have siad yes to “Hide admin bar for logged out users?:” in buddypress general settings if you change that No than you will see signup links in admin bar.



    i am having a similar problem on my site,

    it is a fresh install testing site,
    buddypress version
    wordpress version 3.0.1

    i can create users in the admin panel,
    but when someone tries (me, my friend, my other friend) to register from the front end, the situation ends on a blank screen, and no confirm/register email gets sent out.
    their profile gets added to the users visible on the back end, but does not appear in the users on the front end list.
    and they cannot login.

    the “allow anyone to register” option IS selected.
    i have the admin bar visible to logged out users.
    and i have tried with and without askimet enabled.




    @toymaker try to register when you change to default theme

    Cosmin Z.


    hi! do you have a resolution for this issue? It is happening to me too!

    I can add a user from my admin WP panel, but cannot register using the /register page: I enter all the data (name, username, etc) click on “Complete Sign Up” – > I’m back to the /register page (all the entered data disappeared)
    – I’m using the default theme
    – the “allow anyone to register” option IS selected.
    – tried it with ALL the plugins disabled


    we are having a similar problem. it started happening a few days ago. we’ve installed all updates and tried changing the registration settings on the option page but nothing seems to be working.

    the problem for us IS with the theme. we were using the simple wp communty theme which may mean its a compatabilty issue between buddypress and a wp theme. the odd thing is that it worked for the past two months. its not a plug in issue. we could reinstall buddypress and wordpress but we’re afraid we’ll lose all site content.



    Is anybody home at

    This thread is 5 months old and asks about a serious defect in the sign up process (we just installed BuddyPress and have the same problem – see Dylan’s question above – it gets the names and avatars, but nothing else in the profile form seems to get captured or saved or displayed).

    Can anyone help?

    You will probably need to add a little more detail, version numbers, theme in use plugins etc. 1.2.6 has no issues that I’m aware of with signup and works correctly so there must be something else upsetting things.

    It would help to confirm whether disabling all plugins other than required BP and dropping back to the bp-default theme still presents the issue or whether it works with default bp

    This thread is 5 months old and apart from possible usefulness as archive reading (not in this instance) it serves little purpose resurrecting old threads to post to, and is generally not the done thing to do on forum :) please always create a fresh thread on an issue.



    We have WP 3.0.1 and are using the Citizen Kane 1.0.2 theme. I can’t see any way to tell what version of BuddyPress we have, but it was installed just a few days ago, so it should be whatever the latest number is.

    BTW, I’m a total newby at both WP and BuddyPress and came to the forum to find help, not to get dumped on. This topic is dead on point. Although this thread was STARTED 5 months ago, nobody seems to have offered any help and people were still posting the same problem just a week and a half ago.

    It doesn’t help to get snippy about “generally not the done thing to do on forum” when there hasn’t been any useful response to this one in the past and, frankly, I don’t think starting lots of new threads about the same problem will help anyone. Isn’t that why forums are organized into threads in the first place?

    Can we get back to solving the issue?

    Before we start dismantling all our work, what will happen to all the stuff we’ve created (design work, etc.) if we disable all the plugins and change themes?

    Boone Gorges


    You can disable plugins and themes temporarily without losing work. WP and BP content is stored in the database and shouldn’t be affected by what themes and plugins you do or do not have activated.

    It’s important that you test whether the problem arises with bp-default, the BuddyPress Default theme that comes with BP. If registration works with that theme but not with your custom theme, then we’ll know that your problem is theme-related. Most likely, your theme is missing the template files that BP expects to find when someone visits the registration page, and for some reason the fallback template (which should be wp-signup.php) is not being found either.

    Please test with the default theme and report back.

    You came here seeking help from those more experienced!

    BTW, I’m a total newby at both WP and BuddyPress and came to the forum to find help, not to get dumped on

    Where have you been dumped on?

    It doesn’t help to get snippy about “generally not the done thing to do on forum

    There is a very deliberate reason old threads are not raised again, and yes sorry but forums rules in general frown upon this action and do ask that people start their own threads. You claim this thread mirrors your own issue, but I’ll point out that your stated inexperience in matter leaves you not best placed to judge that.

    I don’t think starting lots of new threads about the same problem will help anyone

    Again let us worry about that.

    Please set aside the attitude it doesn’t help. Once again you have come here for help, that help often comes from experienced professionals that earn their living coding and developing, please respect the fact that there is no obligation to help and that this help forum and the project itself is maintained by volunteers – unpaid!

    You really needed to have followed my advice earlier about testing with bp-default and plugins disabled if you had lurked on the forum you would have noted that this is a very common and important request.

    Now as to your concern as to losing work you wont! it is perfectly safe to change themes that is the nature of the WP themeing side of things, disable your custom theme and activate bp-default also deactivate any BP related plugins except BP itself nat and also any custom functions that you may have created in your themes functions file.

    Test the registration process in this default state if it works then you now know you have an issue with either your custom theme or a plugin; if it still doesn’t work then you might consider checking that you have in fact told WP to allow registrations in the WP options screen, if that is set confirm whether WP itself can accept registrations – helps to make sure WP is set up correctly and working before moving on to adding further layers like BP.

    When that is done please report back and let us know what the outcomes were and we can then proceed from there.



    deactivate the buddypress and then network activate it, make sure you followed all those steps given in readme came with buddypress @Chris O’Brien you have disabled the registration and there seems to be no way to contact you try ND’s solution if you are using si captcha “”Found the cullprit; the ‘SI Captcha’ plugin was preventing it because of a wrong set file permission.
    Check the plugin settings page and it will say what is wrong””
    there was this problem with the last version of buddypress i don’t think this still exists someone if you still face it do tell wp ver buddypress ver and if possible your site address



    I just struggled with this, and I’d like to think I’m experienced with WordPress and not that stupid.

    My problem was I missed the message about validating my test account, and got distracted by the avator
    upload. When tried to login with my test accounts I was simply returned to the homepage with no feedback.

    So people have you validated the accounts that your trying to register, and admins can we get a bit of
    feedback upon logging in with a non validated account.

    Looking good so far, thanks for the plugin,


    Hey guys

    I have read your thread and I had almost same problem just few minutes ago and that is how i found this forum.

    1. Registration problem
    My problem was that my friends were able to register on the website, they got the invite and confirmation emails but when they then clicked on the registration link the got ERROR. I solved it by going to BuddyPress (in the dashbord to the left under General Settings) – Page. There you can see REGISTRATION two options Register and Activate. Make sure the dropdown next to Register says REGISTER and the dropdown next to ACTIVATE says ACTIVATE (Do not mix it with the Activity Streams below otherwise it wont work)

    When changed the dropdown to ACTIVATE it worked and my friends are able to register themselves now. I hope it solved few of your problems.

    2. Sending invite and confirmation emails to your invited friends
    Make sure you install the plug in INVITE-ANYONE under Plugins. Because that plug in together with the registration form works together for sending emails and completing the registration.

    Hope this helps and solves your problems as this is an amazing platform.




    I wish there was some way of contacting users in these forums to see if they ever found solutions to the problems posted.

    I am having the exact same problem as the original user.
    … and yes, while I understand that ‘protocol’ is to start a new thread, perhaps it’s time the community took an iterative and evolutionary approach to this practice, as the way that search engines work, allowing people to connect when the issues appear IDENTICAL (and yet often never result in the publishing of adequate solutions) would support people to self-correct their own work through better search capacity within the collective intell of the group…
    and also too often new threads go weeks and more without adequate response.

    If anyone actually has found a solution, please post?



    never mind. there is a difference between the original post – i’m not running multisite, and it’s a suddenly arisen problem with no changes to site structure or plugins.. though the rest of my observations still stand.. 🙂



    @kathrynananda please create a new topic. In order to help you troubleshoot the issue, include information about your installation

    Closing this topic.

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