Last Saturday (June 4), I had the opportunity to speak at the very first WordCamp organized in Belgium! The event took place in the lovely city of Antwerp (the second biggest port of Europe).

a href=" target=">Het Steen, the oldest building of Antwerp

Het Steen, the oldest building of Antwerp

My presentation was about one of my strongest convictions: thanks to BuddyPress, companies can enjoy WordPress to power their intranets and improve the way their employees communicate and collaborate.

During the first part of my presentation, I explained why I think Microsoft Sharepoint is leading the market in Intranet softwares based on my experience using MS products during the first few years I worked in my company. For twenty years, Microsoft has been helping us create our documents through its MS Office Suite which is still widely used in many corporations and businesses today. I’m convinced that one of the key features of any intranet is a secure file sharing system where users can set the privacy of their documents.

The second part of my talk dealt with how I’ve built a custom-made intranet solution using BuddyPress, a powerful and extensible plugin. The following table summarizes the way  I addressed  the most important and expected features (imho) for any Intranet software. As you will see, BuddyPress does the heavy-lifting of the features I wanted for the intranet and used other plugins to extend BuddyPress for what we needed to complete the system.

Employees directory Collaborative Workspaces Document sharing Social sharing
BuddyPress components * Members
* Extended Profiles
* Groups * Members
* Groups
* Activity
Specific plugins + BP Member Types extended + bbPress
+ BP Groups Taxo
+ Workmates
+ BuddyDrive + BP Bookmarklet
+ BP Reactions

I also shared how I’m hosting this intranet on the internet using the Restrict site access and the BP Restricted community plugins.

Here are the slides of my talk :

Here’s another version of the slides containing my notes.

To conclude my presentation, I mentioned that compared to paid intranet solutions, you can mold BuddyPress to build custom-made solutions for your intranets really well and help companies of any size successfully run regular, collaborative, or community intranets.