Contributors: @davins, @vapvarun, @imath.

We’ve met twice during this first month of documentation contributions. ICYMI our documentation site is named the Codex.

First, we’ve shared our feelings about the current status of it :

  • Half of our guides are outdated.
  • New screenshots and descriptions are much needed.
  • Improving Codex organization is highly required: User documentation doesn’t reply to the same needs than Developer one.
  • SEO should be considered to make it easier for users to find the replies they are looking for (and to make sure BuddyPress Codex’ site is up in search results).
  • Plugins used to power the Codex site are not as great as they used to be now we write content using Blocks.

Then we took these decisions:

  • The codex will target Users and Site Admins.
  • A link will be added to direct Developers to the site and the corresponding content will be moved there.
  • Organize the Codex using sections :
    • 1 to help people to get started with BuddyPress,
    • 1 to help people troubleshoot BuddyPress,
    • 1 for each BuddyPress component.
  • Use & adapt the WordPress HelpHub plugin and theme for BuddyPress Codex needs. This way we can capitalize on the great work the WP Documentation team did.
  • Put up a staging site we can work on to update the documentation content and organization.
Preview of staging site.

Tasks first repartition

TasksContributor in chargeProgressTicket
Update the current Codex table of content@imathAchieved#8658
Update the “Getting started” section@vapvarunPending
Update the “Members” section@dcavinsPending
Update the “Core” section@imathPending
Put up staging site@imathAchieved

Next documentation contributor meeting is scheduled to April 13 at 2000 UTC, it will happen in #BuddyPress.

We’d love to get more help from the community, please contribute with us to this much needed work.