The BuddyPress Core Team is very happy to be represented at the Contributor Day the french WordPress community is organizing in Paris on April 20, 2023. Here’s a link to a translated page of the event schedule (Hours are in Central European Summer time).

Mathieu Viet (@imath / me!) explaining BP contribution during WC Paris Contributor day in 2019

@imath will be there to lead the BuddyPress contributing squad and we’ll have a lot of work! As we’re currently working on a very ambitious 12.0 release which main goal is to migrate from our Legacy URL parser to using the WordPress Rewrite API, there are many areas getting your contributions would really help us & make a huge difference! Below are the most important tasks we need to accomplish:

  • Code: the BP Rewrites merge process is still in progress
  • Code: we need to build a BP Classic back compatibility plugin to give end users a plan B if some of their plugins are not ready yet when 12.0 will be released.
  • Documentation: we need to explain third party Plugin/Theme developers what they need to do to make their work progressively “BP Rewrites” ready.
  • Documentation: we need to explain end-users how the switch we’re performing will improve their BuddyPress experience (customizable slugs, plain text link compatibility…).
  • Support: we need to have some most common troubleshoot replies ready in order to face the questions or requests for help we’ll probably receive into our support forum.

If you do not have a chance to attend IRL to this contributor day, no worries: you can virtually join us to get involved into these tasks going into our Slack channel on April 20, 2023 from 08:15 UTC to 15:30 UTC.

Let’s contribute to BuddyPress!