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  • same problem here. any ideas?

    any fixes for this currently being worked on??

    In WordPress 3.0 which will be released soon you can have blogs for users as well when using the multi-site options.

    this fixed mine as well. good find!

    I started with a fresh 3.0 install. Never used any 2.9.anything. So does any have a fixed for the avatars not mine are being uploaded correctly. See my post two above. Thanks.

    I am running it off a sub-folder in WP 3.0. I have been for a long time but the most recent upgrade broke my avatars. It looks as if the image uploads correctly for me, but doesn’t pull it in to crop. The path it try’s is:

    when it should be

    Any ideas on what I should try to change? I’ve already tried:

    if ( !$path = get_option( 'upload_path' ) )

    $path = WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/blogs.dir';


    $path = ABSPATH . $path;


    I’ve been using the alpha’s for 2 months and its been great so far. using sub-folders and actually running bp off of a sub-blog and not the main blog. few bugs..but overall great.

    any updates?

    any updates?

    same here. looking great so far though!

    same here. looking great so far though!

    It isn’t a bug as much as it’s just not implemented yet. There isn’t any real privacy controls with buddypress which is it’s huge downfall. Still a great product in it’s infancy so not need to be too upset. But a game-plan as to how it’s addressed moving forward would be nice. I think it should be priority number 1 for 1.3. Anyone else?

    very funny..however slightly on target on point “a”. Privacy for private areas needs to be better.

    you can do it with php and using a child (recommended):

    This above the activity stream loop somewhere put this code:

    $style_classes = array('style-a-class','style-b-class');
    $style_index = 0;

    Then this inside the li tag that gets looped through for each activity post:

    <li <?php $s = $style_index%2; echo "class=$style_classes[$s]"; $style_index++; ?>>

    Works great for any wp template not just a buddypress.

    double *bumb* . this is a real issue for me

    In the template for your main blog just hide it in the css is the easy way

    it looks something like this on WordPress (not MU) install running BP 1.2.1-

    Found a huge problem with this (or though it seems)

    Whenever you create an account, the link to activate your account in the activation email won’t let you it through because of the redirects. Anyone else having this problem?

    Thanks for the help and the great plugin. A small but mighty one!

    Same issue no matter if my settings are to the default for the home page or if I adjust them. All others work fine.

    This will make it where only wp-admins can do it. make sure you’re doing this in your child theme, not the core bp-default files:

    In the groups folder > index.php…right after the form tag replace the next few lines with:

    <br />
    <?php _e( 'Groups Directory', 'buddypress' ) ?>
    <?php if ( current_user_can('manage_options') ) : ?>
    button goes here
    <?php endif; ?>

    the dumb editor keeps jacking up the code. the button for creating the group shouldn’t change and should go where indicated above

    I don’t understand what you’re saying.

    Try using the wordpress loop..having tried this yet but it should worked in theory to block the button from subscribers. This should really be built into buddypres though.

    <?php if ( current_user_can(‘edit_post’) ) {

    // button goes here

    } ?>

    here’s what you need to do. go buy arrowchat when it comes out. Comet Chat’s support and documentation is crap. Worthless.

    i have the same problem if activity streams are disabled.

    Ok. So I’ve tried Comet Chat. Listen to me carefully..Do Not Buy. Horrible documentation, horrible support (or lack there of) and didn’t work properly with BuddyPress.

    On the bright side. Here is what you need and should released with a week that will work with WordPress and I’m sure BuddyPress with little or no changes:

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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