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  • Is their a way to make the “administrator” user created in bbpress invisible? I know it will basically disappear after a couple of registrations, but it will still show up on member searches.


    in the read me it say something like enter the “admin” credintials you just created in the wpmu group forum area.

    I figured it out quickly (second time), but it should really just say “Administrator” their, because most of us have “admin” as our account on wpmu.

    Other than that, everything is pretty simple now. A lot of individual simple steps.

    and we are working.

    you guys are great!!!!

    @wardeh get the auth_salt from your wpmu config.php

    I had everything almost working yesterday. Somehow I then broke it. Anyway, I just updated to alpha 4 bbpress and BP bleeding edge and bleeding edge wpmu. Now, new groups create new forums, but then there is no post. Also, no save message (like I got when it kinda worked).

    Using hostgator.

    oh, and forum is at

    there you can see the user is correct…… is just the avatar that isn’t.

    Mine is now posting. (still some issues with user avatars.)

    Don’t know what did it except the new bbpress trunk, and then creating a new group. (look at group “user switching”)

    I keep getting a “backpress” error when trying to intall trunk bbpress.

    installed, integrated, user created, upgraded to admin, pluggin installed, plugin activated, xml etc enabled, pingbacks enabled, wpmu->group forums updated, group created, (if I missed something in the list I did it…read the install several times) error message received:

    “There was an error posting that topic.”

    The forum was created for the group

    I am running BP on a shared account.


    i believe that this has been answered several times.

    However, it is probably because those blogs are private.

    Buddypress currently creates blogs as private………last check with apeatling…….it is a bug that should be resolved…….sometime.

    check their privacy.

    Don’t know what did it, but just installed 610 and everything is good with “my blogs” and blogs.

    A couple of other issues still, but only things that I believe will be worked out shortly.


    Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if that means that while mine is in the “root” according to HostGator support, that it is actually in subdomain. Question: can you have double subdomains (ie. If you can, then I might be in a subdomain, that wpmu works through and bp is just learning to (according to apeatling).

    @apeatling is that saying it right?

    Full disclosure, it is in a subdomain, but HostGator has said there is no difference because of the way they have it set up as an addon domain………I just know that magic happens in the form of a redirect and it is never seen as a subdomain.

    I failed in my first attempt at this, but got close. It is not just possible, but with the right person……incorporating wpmu backend into profile might almost be easy.

    My last post distracted from the issue. After talking with support, mine is installed in root as well.

    Everything works on my site except for “My Blogs” and “blogs” page.

    Maybe someone can help.

    Under buddypress-member/blogs there are several files and it seems like one of these could be bp-wp-dashboard that would basically open wp-admin/index.php but just in the Content div of the members page.

    At least that is what I am going to attempt using brute force with no elegant methods.

    What I can’t find, after two minutes of looking–I will do more, is what file to add “Blog dashboard” to so it will show under the create blog link (or above, whatever) on

    I also don’t know without testing if it will work, but since the “create blog” works that way….why not.

    sub-domain. :(


    Although, I guess that is kind of a lie. I have an account at HostGator for and as an add-on domain my bp site ( is in a subdir of the public folder, does that make it a total lie? I just figured it would be ok because WPMU works fine, but I guess wpmu works in a subdir.

    Is that my problem?


    This really is an amazing system.


    I know shared hosting is no good. I will upgrade soon.


    I guess blogs is now kind of working. They still don’t show up on the “blog” page, but if I filter out “T” test blog shows up.

    Also, blogs are still be created as private after BP install.

    Same problem here. I hope there is a solution.

    I am not even throwing errors, which has made it even more frustrating. (not that frustrating because bp is still being made, but intellectually frustrating…..because I have no friggin idea.)

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    same problem here not showing blogs.

Viewing 20 replies - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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