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  • I tried all of this, did it no problem. However, it did not work, I managed to install bbpress 1.0 Alpha, wpmu 2.7SVN, integration works, cookies and databases. The problem is that whenever a user tried to make a post, I get this mistake:

    “There was an error posting that topic.”

    Also, step 9 never came true, no forums where created, but when I physically go to my forum’s address I can cerate forums and post and everything.

    I don’t have a File manager on my Virtuozzo menu, the only file managers are on each domain, and there is no etc/ directory, how do I reach that directory?

    fixed by upgrading to WPmu 2.7SVN, now have this problem:

    please, anyone? this is very urgent!

    Well, I fixed the problem by upgrading to SVN WPmu 2.7. Now it works. The only problem is the indexing of blogs and members into the directory that did not happen.

    great idea, keep up the good work, this looks like a great plugin!

    wonderful plugin, if you need help testing it, please let me know!

    I do, and it seems to work fine on my blogs

    Still trying to find any conflicts with the wp-blogs-widgets.php file, but nothing yet

    Error log results:

    does that mean anything?

    re-uploaded the file and loaded couple times the blank pages, but there seems to be nothing in the error logs, what am I looking for?

    media-temple dedicated server, I have access, I just don’t know how to access them

    edit: found the error log file, but its almost 800MB :S

    I am not able to access the server’s logs, also, I’m now looking for any plugins that might be left from previous sites, are there know conflicts with plugin wp-super-chache?

    EDIT: here are the plugins that are activated in mu-plugins at the moment.




    support module

    and in plugins/




    any know issues? I tried deactivating all of those to no avail.

    EDIT2: does BP worh with subdomain installation of wpmu?

    Ok, I manually erased the file “bp-blogs-widgets.php” and the site works. The problem is the Recent Posts Widget :S what could the problem be?

    I have edited a couple themes and added widget support, I did not try with the member-theme, but it should behave just like any other theme in which you define sidebars. However, I don’t know if each user will be able to add his own widgets to it. It seems as though you are able to add a widget to the theme, but it should be the same for all users.

    The thing is that the member theme is not treated like any other theme on the WP-Backend, but rather it is a different kind of setup, like a standalone. Am I right on this?

    thank you, do you have any recommendations for plugins that do this?

    amazing work! I would like to help translate it to spanish, please let me know what I can do!

    EDIT: I added the two pieces of code to my bp-core-settings.php and it just broke my site, loaded a blank page instead of the content.

    does it work?

    anyone? this is very important

    I read here the answer:

    I didn’t really understand what it means, but it addresses your problem, If you fix it please be so kind as to post the solution. Thank you!

    Can you please post the file so we can all benefit from it?

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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