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BP-FBConnect Plugin

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  • David Bisset


    Actually, I managed to get the sucker to work. The solution?


    My problem was I put the bp-fbconnect plugin inside another bp-fbconnect folder, which i think was the way i unzipped it.

    Guys, you should install the pugins so that the bp-fbconnect folder, the bp-fbconnect.php file, and the readme.txt (ok, optional) are in the root of the wp-plugins folder. Otherwise you’ll get javascript errors and the button won’t show, among other issues.

    Now, my next issue is that i got the Facebook window to appear but i still have to apparently adjust some settings on the Facebook (not my BP site) side. If anyone has any experience in this, I would appreciate it since i’m in the last leg here. :)



    Nicola, how are you confirming that it doesn’t work?

    I’ve got the plugin installed on the latest version of BP. Everything in the admin works properly but there is no indication that I have Connect on the blog – no Connect button, nothing near comments.

    Deli Yaban



    “the facebook connect button seems to screw up the css in internet explorer…it pushes the members/blogs/groups search and the default login together, so there is literally no space between the two, and the facebook connect button is all the way to the right of the screen.”

    How can I fix this?




    I have a similar issue – in IE and FF – when I click “newest”, “active” or “popular” it lines up fine, but when the page loads for the first time the members are all over the place and the FB profile pics have a weird border around them which I think is causing the issue. check it out




    the css for the facebook connect button is located in the wp-facebookconnect folder



    I have it working fine in the latest trunk the issue I have is can this possibly be made to work in the stable version rc-1?? is the older trunk which works with fb-connect stable enough to work on a working site? I have the lastest trunk site in the background however i wouldn’t use this as a live site…

    hey guys im having a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/kimbula0/public_html/tribe/wp-content/plugins/bp-fbconnect/wp-facebookconnect/fbconnect.php on line 29

    any ideas ?? or is it just not compatible with the latest trunk?

    got it working it was my stupid php… so what exactly does this do ? when you post a blog on wpmu does it post it on fb as well?? and vice versa ?

    also isnt there anyway to take out users profile info … and put em into there buddypress if they have the same fields..?

    whoops im a real idiot read the first post … i guess more features will come later eh ?



    @Madshark, I don’t think so on the features from Andy. Therefore some FB/php guru has to extend the FB-connect with features.



    To stop the warning just change $default to $default=\’\’ on that same line.

    i see this bit of code to insert the usernames into bp ..

    ‘user_pass’ => wp_generate_password(),

    ‘user_login’ => $fbusername,

    ‘display_name’ => fbc_get_displayname($userinfo),

    ‘user_url’ => fbc_make_public_url($userinfo),

    ‘user_email’ => $userinfo[‘proxied_email’]

    if we add the correct variables to that wont we be able to draw out other fb profile data into bo as well ?

    also i have an issue that when a user signs in with fb … and they try to create a blog they get page not found. but on trying it a second time it works …



    I’ve also installed this plugin on the latest versions of WPMU + BuddyPress, and i dont have any problems at all ;-)



    i noticed that when a user signs out and the “log out” is showing nothing happens when they click it…. you have to refresh teh page and have the “logout of facebook” showing for taht to work… i think its the same issue if they attempt to logout using the usual buddypress logouts



    I\’m using the trunk version of BP and have activated the FB plugin with no problem.

    But when I enter my FB API and Secret, I get the following error messages. Anyone know what this means?

    Warning: fopen( [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /mysite/wp-content/plugins/bp-fbconnect/wp-facebookconnect/facebook-client/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php on line 1939

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function simplexml_load_string() in /mysite/wp-content/plugins/bp-fbconnect/wp-facebookconnect/facebook-client/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php on line 1870


    You’re probably using PHP4 which does not support the simplexml_load_string function. You need to upgrade to PHP5.



    @Toly, thanks for your suggestion. I am already running PHP5.



    All set now! My server didn’t have SimpleXML enabled–now it’s running and working. I’m getting a few other errors, but I’ll have a look through this thread again and should be able to get them resolved also.

    Thanks. :)



    upgraded to:


    WPMU 2.7.1

    DV server (mt)

    using FB-Connect plugin

    user logs in fine… when they attempt to logout, redirct loop is started…. page loads 90% then starts to load from scratch again…. this happens on home page, members page…everywhere….

    users are unable to log out of website/facebook

    anyone else experience this?

    JS error thrown by Facebook website:

    Exception…”component return failure code 0x80040111″ns__erro_not_available…”

    big long error

    plz helps



    I installed the plugin and after some puttering around got it working. This is great! Thanks for creating it!

    One small problem I’m having is that the large-size avatar for Facebook Connect users seems to just be a blown-up version of the smaller thumbnail. This results in a very blurry avatar image in the user’s profile. Is anyone else seeing this? If so, does anyone know how to fix it?

    WPMU 2.7.1

    bp 1.0


    I can create a profile on my bp, however, this new acount has no username, it can not creat a new blog also.

    Please give me a detailed instruction about how to setup the facebook application.

    Thank you guys!

Viewing 22 replies - 101 through 122 (of 122 total)
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