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Buddypress not sending activation emails

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  • danbp


    What is your BP version ? Have you tried to use the email repair tool ?

    New user activation emails not coming



    Thanks! @danbp I didnt think of the repair tool. Just tried it and it works perfect!



    I am having this issue with BuddyPress & bbPress 2.5.10 plugins installed

    I have used the BuddyPress repair tool but it didn’t work?

    Running WordPress 4.4.4 and the Sparkling theme

    Any ideas as this seems to be a common issue looking back through older topics

    Irony is when I forgot my password to this forum it sent an email instantly!!!

    Thanks in advance




    Why is your WP not updated ? Any particular reason ?
    No plugins ?
    No custom functions ?
    Have you tested with a twenty theme and after deactivating all plugins ?
    Do you see php errors when wp_debug is activated in wp-config ?



    Thanks for the reply @danbp

    I have not built the site and I also have very little technical and coding knowledge (sorry!) I will update WordPress later but wasn’t sure how to back everything up?

    There is a lot of plugins installed:Admin Menu Editor, Advanced Custom Fields,Advanced Custom Fields PRO, bbPress,BuddyPress, DropBox Folder Share, Easy FancyBox, Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types, Gravity Forms CSS Ready Class Selector, Gravity Forms Remove Entries, jonradio Multiple Themes, Login Security, Members, No Page Comment, OPcache Dashboard,Page Specific Menu Items, PHP Code For Posts, Post Types Order, Social Media Feather, Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress,
    TAO Schedule Update, WordPress Importer, WP Google Maps, WP Google Maps – Pro Add-on, wp_mail return-path

    Are any of these know to conflict with BuddyPress?

    Not sure on the custom functions as far as I know… I’m not confident enough to debug and the site it is also live so not sure what to do?

    Think I will update WordPress then disable all plugins except BuddyPress and try on a twenty theme but if that doesn’t work, which seems like the case in other past posts, I’m not sure need help!

    Thanks again



    same problem with the plugin wp mai smtp Buddypress not sending activation emails



    Repaired emails, setup mail-smtp with gmail…still nothing.

    Is there a best practice guide that I can follow somewhere?



    I was able to resolve the problem of no emails being sent after registration by disabling Extended Profiles.
    Trying to resend notifications through Manage Signups still failed though. To work around that I had to disable Account Settings.
    Making both those changes seemed to fix my email problems.



    So it turns out, there is a very quick & easy solution. buddypress developers already made it possible to ignore their own implementation of wp_mail and fallback to wordpress’s default wp_mail (which will allow sparkpost plugin to do its magics). If you add the following snippet (functions.php of your theme or similar), it should just work.

    add_filter(‘bp_email_use_wp_mail’, function() {
    return true;



    Following above fix, will start sending textual mail, not HTML emails.
    This plugin would use WP Mail and send HTML emails.



    I’m getting the same error on my site. It doesn’t send activation emails. Using the code above worked, but now it’s sending a basic vanilla email with <> as the subject and went to spam. It’s also not sending password reset emails at all.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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