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How to override BuddyPress 3.0 bp-nouveau theme files?

  • anon2


    The Buddypress 3.0 uses **bp-nouveau** template as default. How can I override the CSS and other template files in WordPress theme? Earlier it would be done by copying **bp-legacy** folder into the WordPress theme folder and renaming it to **buddypress** but it does not seem to work for the bp-nouveau theme. Even if I copy it to the theme folder, BuddyPress continues to use the files from the buddypress pluginlocation.

    I could not find any information about Buddypress 3.0 template structure in the codex.

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  • lookingahead


    @shanebp i hate to tag you in this, but this is my question too. i am attempting to modify the ‘group directory listing’ template……i just want to insert a header image above the ‘groups list’ in the ‘group directory listing’……

    i think that means that i have to override the ‘group directory listing template’….right??

    if not, can i add a header image via CSS to the group directory listing page?

    thank you in advance for any and all help with this.

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