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Registration Approval Plugin

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  • webatease


    Hey Mike – did you get a response to this? I am in a similar situation. I want anyone to be able to register, but I want to be able to approve it before they can begin using.

    As an alternative, is there a way to make the default role/profile something read-only, or with limited access – and then part of the setup process is for me to change to a higher role/profile with full access once I’ve reviewed? I’m not familiar with the role set up, etc.

    I’d prefer just a simple approval process in the system. Thanks!



    Apparently a “full-featured privacy (authorization) component for BuddyPress” is in the works for a future release. I hope that includes an approval process, but member management in general seems to be very low on the priority list of the Buddypress developers and community. If you need it anytime soon, I’d look into developing your own plugins.



    Did this never get developed? It is a right pain at the moment, I have loads of spam registrations and people posting unsuitable content! Something like a Registration Approval system is very important, spam and abusive posters ruin many a good forum blog etc!

    I would have thought something as important as this, would be high on the priority list of available options on buddypress! Or is there something already out there ?



    If not developed yet, anyone come across a plugin for this? I”d alos would love to only auto approve registration but only manually approve blog creation



    It blows my mind that this is not a core feature of WPMU, WP, or BuddyPress. It is the most obvious first defense against sploggers and spammer-members.

    There is a plugin called Pie Registration that claims to do user moderation of unverified users before they are allowed to post. It seems to be a resurrection of an older (discontinued?) plugin called Register Plus. Find it here:

    Will check it out now.

    EDIT: It says that the feature “Moderate all user registrations to require admin approval” will only work when Email Verification is DISABLED. I can’t get it to work, though.

    Also found this:
    “Register Plus plugin seemed to be working fine in 2.9.2, with custom logo and all, but now I’ve just discovered that it only sends the registration email if the registration is done in IE. In Firefox or Chrome the mail is not sent. How can this be?”





    mercrime did you get it to work? Because this doesn’t work. It breaks the Registration field.

    I have BuddyPress on a single instance of WordPress 2.9.2 and after Activating bp-registration options I get the following error in the Registration Page and the “Complete Sign Up” button disappeared.

    undefined function get_current_site() in myserverpath……../wp-content/plugins/bp-registration-options/bp-registration-options.php on line 726

    Stacy (non coder)




    My 3 step solution to this problem is as follows:

    1. Install plugin – BuddyPress Pending Activations (
    2. Make hack to plugin function bp_pending_activations_admin() so that it sends an email when a user is activated:
    $resendusers = $wpdb->get_results( $wpdb->prepare( “SELECT u.ID, u.user_login, u.user_email, m.meta_value FROM ” . CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE . ” m, “. CUSTOM_USER_TABLE .” u WHERE u.ID = m.user_id AND m.meta_key = ‘activation_key’ AND u.ID IN ({$userids})” ) );

    foreach ( $resendusers as $resend ) {

    /* Activate the signup */
    $user = apply_filters( ‘bp_core_activate_account’, bp_core_activate_signup( $resend->meta_value ) );

    /* If there was errors, add a message and redirect */
    if ( $user->errors ) {
    echo ‘There was an error activating this account, please try again: ‘. $resend->user_login;
    } else {
    $to = $resend->user_email;
    $subject = “Your ?????? Account Has Been Activated!”;
    $message = “Your account has been activated. Go to http://??????/ and sign in with the username and password that you created when you signed up.nnWelcome to ?????!”;
    $admin_email = get_site_option( “admin_email” );
    $from_name = “??????????”;
    $message_headers = “MIME-Version: 1.0n” . “From: “{$from_name}” n” . “Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”” . get_option( ‘blog_charset’ ) . “”n”;
    wp_mail( $to, $subject, $message, $message_headers );
    3. Redirect activation email to admin (to use as a noitification for admin instead of automatically sending activition key to user) by adding this to functions.php:
    function change_activation_email_to($content) {
    return get_site_option( “admin_email” );
    add_filter( ‘bp_core_activation_signup_user_notification_to’, ‘change_activation_email_to’);

    So the when a new user signs up, they do not get any activation email. That goes to the admin instead. You will need to change the wording in your template to let the user know that they have to wait for manual approval. Admin logs in to WP admin and goes to Pending Activitations and activates the user. An email is sent to user to let them know they have been activated.



    @acurran – This does not work for me. Please test.



    Would be great to have a working plugin like this — with classrooms you don’t want just anyone logging in and accessing student information



    Hi Guys – had the same problem but simply used a WordPress user approval plug in which worked fine with BuddyPress. I used:

    Bethany Fisher


    Thank you, leegillett!!

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