I’m pleased to announce the release of my book ‘BuddyPress Theme Development‘ published by Packt. This book serves as a guide (with practical tutorials) on how to make the most out of BuddyPress with custom templates and styles. It gives insight into the current state of BuddyPress theme creation and gently leads readers through creating one of their own.


This book has a very BuddyPress origin story, with it’s beginning coming during BuddyCamp Miami in March of 2013 (the chapters and structure were worked out while I was there) and it was a pleasure to have the one and only Paul Gibbs perform the technical review.

My publisher allowed me to include the entire theme process from sketch and wireframe through to code, and I included coverage of some general theme topics like responsive design, theme checks, and testing. Far too often, we forget how important the planning and feature-complete stages of a theme are, and this book tries to address both. All this content, crammed into 130 pages – a feat of editing.

When I started writing BuddyPress Theme Development, I had 4 goals (along with providing a good resource for creating themes):

  1. Blow away the myth that creating BuddyPress themes is hard.
  2. Encourage readers to tailor their experience, choosing which components are critical to their success.
  3. Raise the quality of BuddyPress themes and highlight good theme practices.
  4. Encourage people to get involved with the BuddyPress project.

You can get the book through Packt Publishing, or through Amazon. It’s available in soft-cover and eBook, and comes with code samples to follow along with the tutorials.