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  • No no! please, don’t misunderstand my message.

    I appreciate the help of the two of you, i just said that if john said that he could upload the avatar i will beleive him…

    Thanks Burtadtsi for all your help. You are not and you haven’t been a chopped liver!


    Be so sure i will

    yup, it works just fine, I’ve uploaded my avatar too. I think it was a bug in Beta 2.

    How else could i say thanks?! lol

    Wow thanks.

    You got that error because i am updating the member theme, sorry!

    I trust john and it seems that with RC 1 it finally works!

    Wow thanks i will launch the final version of my site soon.


    I’ve updated to RC 1 and placed the phpinfo file on my root directory. I don’t know if the GD library is linked. Please, look at my phpfile at:

    Thanks for all this help :D

    Thanks i will upgrade and then check myphpinfo.

    But if the GD image library wasn’t linked to php 5, how do i link it?

    Thanks again for your help.

    Thanks for your reply, i got a couple questions about it:

    What’s the “gd image library”? how do i link it “into php 5.x”?

    I’m not completely sure about apache creation rights but i think i have them; please, tell me how to find out…

    I’ve set the permitions 775, and the problem persists.

    Thanks! i hope you answer my questions…

    BTW: I’m still in Beta 2. Will RC 1 solve the problem? Was the member theme modified in this new version?


    Yes thank you! i solved it some minutes before you posted the answer…

    Thanks a lot

    No it does! look at their site Its like any other domain but free!

    I suppose that means i can run buddy press… Can’t i?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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