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  • Resolved – probably should have done this a long time ago – deleted groups, added them back.

    Thanks, Paul. I’ve deactivated bbPress but am still not able to create New Topics in Group Forums. I go into ‘Groups’ then choose ‘Forums’ and it says, ‘Sorry, there were no forum topics found.’

    Then I choose ‘New Topic,’ enter the information, click ‘Post Topic,’ and get a red error bar stating, ‘This group does not have a forum setup yet.’

    I’m not having that problem in particular, but I’m not able to create group forums, or post topics. Have had this problem for some days without getting any love on it. Perhaps there’s something amiss with the forums/groups/post topics portion of the plugin.

    @mercime – Sorry for the bump, but I tried to provide all of the information requested without any love…

    do you have group forums installed? Yes
    did you also install the new sitewide forums? Yes
    single WP or WP multisite? — Single
    is BP installed in main site or subsite (if MS)? Not Multisite
    etc — Not sure what else I can give you but what I’ve posted and added in this reply.

    Also, in bbpress in the the ‘Forums’ settings, there’s some red text beside Archive Slugs – Forums base settings box: Possible BuddyPress conflict: Forums page

    Bump. Upgraded to 1.5, now I can’t post new topics to forums.

    Bump. I have this problem, as well, but the error I get is the jQueryUI-style red bar saying, “Please pick the group forum where you would like to post this topic.”

    But of course I did pick the group.

    I belong to a social/volunteer group and am currently building a site for us. We’re currently on, but want to establish ourselves as a newer, bigger thing. We use polls to allow members to vote on outings and events, like a choice of amusement parks, or volunteer activities. Something simple that would show the options, the vote count and the results would be great. Oh, and single vote per user.

    Trying to ‘edit’ to add ‘Solved’ to post title — getting ‘Page Not Found’ error.

    @modemlooper — That was embarrassingly simple. Thanks.

    @r-a-y — I’d already created a custom template.

    @digitalhytop — Do what modemlooper says. Click the link, follow the instructions. It works.

    Thanks for playing, everybody. Consider this issue SOLVED.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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