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Install on MU or regular WP?

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    Forgive me if this has been answered a hundred times, but I can’t find it – probably b/c of the common-ness of the search terms I have to use.

    Should BP be installed on a working version of MU or just standard WP?

    The installation instructions on BP website indicated a standard install of WP, but now that I’ve done that, I can’t seem to use a plugin designed for MU because it’s supposed to sit in the wp-content/mu-plugins directory — which I created, but WP doesn’t seem to find it — or the plugin just isn’t compatible with a non-MU install.

    The plugin is the WordPress MU Demo Data Creator ( and the plugin information states that I can find it’s settings at the Site Admin menu on the Dashboard. I see no such menu, so I’m thinking that must be part of MU, not WP (I’m running 2.9.2).

    Any help would be appreciated. TIA :)

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    BP can be installed on both WPMU and WPSA (stand alone), any problems with plugins other than buddypress should be discussed with the creator of the plugin.

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    @kalico, I’ve used the plugin and I suggest you install the plugin in WPMU where it’s sure to work.

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    Thanks to both of you! I will try WPMU.

    I am curious — if anyone has the time or inclination to enlighten me — what differences I might encounter between Buddypress on MU vs. normal WP? Or if there is any documentation somewhere….? Thanks.

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    The only difference is that WPMU allows users to create their own blogs. WP does not.

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    I think WP MU is better for you

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    It seems like this post has highlighted another possible difference between using a standard WP install versus WPMU. That being that plugins designed for WPMU will not work for a BP install on top of the original WP. Granted, most of the WPMU plugins could be converted to a BP or WP plugin if it didn’t need the WPMU blog functionality.

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    There are also some BP plugins that require WPMU such as BP Groupblog, BP Group Wiki and BP Classifieds.

    BuddyPress works great with standard regular wordpress version ( wp ) and wordpress multi user version ( wpmu ).

    If you are planning for social networking web site where users can host their own blogs – install buddypress with wpmu.

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    Should also mention that in a few months it won’t matter since WP and WPMU will be one. Just have to turn MU on or off.

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    Andrea Rennick


    The real issue mentioned in the original post is the plugin;s menu item is added to an MU-specifc admin menu.

    While some of the other plugins mentioned DO reply on the multiple blogs, the demo data creator one really should detect.

    I’ve never been able to make it work right.

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    Chris Taylor


    Sorry for the bug in Demo Data Creator that stopped the menu item appearing. I’ve fixed it in the latest version (0/9/7/2) just sent to the plugin SVN. It should be available soon.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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