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  • Thanks!

    What modifications in particular are you referring to?

    We really wanted to release our child theme to the public, but I doubt Bootstrapmaster (ACME theme) would let us do that.

    Hmmm, interesting. Could that still affect new groups made with group forums though? Because we’re experiencing this same issue with those as well.

    • WordPress 3.5.1
    • BuddyPress 1.6.4
    • bbPress 2.2.4

    After we had converted our legacy forum to bbPress 2, I created a new forum category called “Projects” and made all the remaining group forums parent to that category. By remaining, I mean that the other group forums had now been re-purposed as ordinary forums with no group attached. I did not re-link the remaining group forums with their respective groups until a few months (and probably a BuddyPress and bbPress update in between) after the initial forum conversion.

    We have a simple hierarchy. 3 main categories (Troubleshooting, Development and Projects) act as parents for all underlying forums. The ‘Projects’ category holds all old and new group forums. We followed the BP Docs to do the conversion right.

    Nice work. I’m very curious what your bbPress styling looks like, but I couldn’t find a link to a forum in any of your example sites.

    That doesn’t help make a separate group though, it only explains how to extend it. We want to keep our groups as they are, while adding a new component, based on groups, but with its own slug and so forth.

    Thanks for getting back to me. We’ll be very happy to put that Alpha through its paces.

    Well, by now this should probably be considered a request for bbPress 2.

    Thanks! I’ll give that a try.

    @modemlooper it’s unfair to say that visitors shouldn’t use the very website as an example of BuddyPress’ quality. It’s reasonable to expect the core developers of the very software you’re using to lead by example with the site they’ve built to support their community.

    Suggested for version 1.6 (eligible for 1.5.1 if someone contributes a patch):

    Sorry I failed to specify. The new default theme for BuddyPress supports featured images, but I can’t get them working.

    I tried that method, and I ran into something kind of strange:

    Does this mean the problem is on our end? Maybe we did a half-successful update or something… Still don’t understand what could cause this kind of disparity.

    Looking at your website @hajakif it looks like you figured this out. Would you mind sharing your findings? We’re trying to set up CometChat on and we seem to be having similar set-up issues.

    Alright thanks. Sounds like I might want to wait for the 1.2.9b though ;)

    Did you cut off the upgrade for the time being? For a while I saw the pending 1.2.9 upgrade, but I only applied it to a test site or two, no live ones. Now I don’t see the pending update any longer.

    I can confirm this is working very well, as I’ve got a local test with BuddyPress running on a Network enabled WordPress, and it’s all working great. On top of that, with only medium technical savvy (no programming, just as-instructed config stuff) I’ve successfully moved my BuddyPress install to a secondary blog, i.e., thanks to the tutorial by the fitting name, Install BuddyPress on a secondary blog.

    Thanks for giving the plugin some attention Lemmy. Just taking a look at the most recent forum posts over at the listing should give you a fair idea of the issues users have been reporting.

    Darn, should’ve made a screenshot. It was disabled, honest! =P

    No, don’t do that. The developers are aware of this and the 1.2.8 fix is out.

    Thanks for letting us know r-a-y. Non-surprising as it is, that’s still very pleasant news ;)

    Seems it’s got a very well documented API:

    Would definitely be interested in seeing this plugin integrated!

    Any particular reason why this hasn’t been released as stable yet? The only bug Ive encountered is that if we paste video links at the end of a forum post with no content underneath it, it’ll break the embed.

    Thanks a bunch for all your feedback @hnla . With regards to the suspected DNS/Domain issue, do you know how we could go about putting this to the test?

    I’m glad to hear that our hardware is likely be at the root of this issue, because then it’s very manageable.

    Extra note: We might try out some of the techniques covered here:

    Appears to be fixed now.

    I found out that if I disable Job Manager (which isn’t in use anyways) the redirect takes me to the front page (blog excerpts) instead of the activity stream.

    Now, I don’t know exactly what happened, but I kept the plugin disabled, I once again re-saved the permalink of one page, and suddenly they were all working again… Sorry I can’t be of more help as to what went wrong or how I fixed it, but at least there doesn’t seem to be any problem any longer :)

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 88 total)
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